Pictures of Guardian Angels (and Padre Pio stories about Guardian Angels): in Honor of the Feast of the Guardian Angels, Which Is Tuesday, October 2, in 2018


—Stories about Saint Padre Pio and Guardian Angels
Padre Pio kept an active and vivacious relationship with all guardian angels — including his own — fulfilling a promise he made long ago to all his spiritual children that “If you are too busy to see me, send your guardian angel!”
There was a woman who never failed to attend the daily Mass celebrated by Padre Pio. One day, she was running late so she sent her guardian angel to Padre Pio to “delay” the Mass so she wouldn’t miss it. As a sign that her guardian angel would do this task for her, she told him to hide the skullcap of Padre Pio. When she reached the church, there was Padre Pio, indeed a little late, but ready to say Holy Mass. The woman confessed to Padre Pio what she did. Nonchalantly, Padre Pio replied, “I know that. Your guardian angel hid my skullcap and I could not find it in the usual place and only pointed me to where he kept it after a few minutes.” (From )

Padre Pio praying to an angel

This painting shows the angel Gabriel coming to the Virgin Mary to announce she will be the mother of Jesus, the Son of God.
A painting by Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1898.


I know angels do not have bodies, but I’ve never pictured them as so sweet and cute; more like my defenders.


I loved the story about Padre Pio and the guardian angel :smiley:


Lions, tigers and bears can look sweet and cute too, until they need to defend their young.


I’m going to have to work on my relationship with my guardian angel. I spent decades ignoring my angel and even though I have been back to saying the Angel of God prayer daily for some time, I’d feel like a jerk ordering my angel to run some errand for me now.


Very true. I’ve seen that transformation and hadn’t thought about it in that vein.


Your guardian angel is probably just happy you’re paying attention to him now. :grin:


He probably wants to give me a few good shakes for all the bad things I did when I wasn’t paying attention to him, and all the stuff he probably saved me from without my bothering to ask or even realizing I was in danger. :wink:

Seriously I wonder how the angels feel about the fact that some of them get to be guardians of great saints and others get to be guardians of mass murderers or child molesters :frowning:

I remember a picture from one of my Catholic children’s books that had one kid doing a bad thing like stealing or something while his angel was shown in the background weeping with her face in her hands, and another kid was doing a good thing like sharing her food with a younger child and her angel was all beaming and proud.


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