Pictures of Jesus and saints


I am not sure this is the right place to post this question but i try as it has some things to do with devotionals.

Some guy asked me a question about pictures of Jesus and saints.
He asked why the saints are portraited with their fingers in the position they do in those pics i link to.

What does it symbolize?

I would like to know if someone has a good answer.

Christ and St. Nicholas? (can’t see the text) both have their hands in a gesture of blessing.

In both cases, the fingers form the Greek letters for Christ.

Look in the corners of the Icon of Christ and you’ll see the letters IC XC Now look back at both hands and you’ll see those same letters formed by the fingers of their right hands.

Good examples, by the way.

Yes Christ and St. Nicholas.

Yes i heard that suggestion from someone before but i was not sure and neither was the one who said it.

Now when you say it so it is confirmed from somebody who is sure not like us who was only speculating.:smiley:

Thanks for the answer

Could it be a gesture of the Sign of the Cross?

They are the blessing fingers that form the Greek symbol for Christ. The Eastern Orthodox Church uses it a lot, but it’s not very common in the Catholic Church.

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