Pictures of the Papal Tiara: Post them here :-)

Ever since it’s last ‘encore on the stage’ in 1963 the majestic symbol of papal authority has been placed in the walls of the Vatican museum. The millennium old ‘Triregnum’ and crowning ceremony has and will for ever be recognized as the most beautiful religious ceremony in the world, with it’s solemnity, and symbolism.
I just though it would be nice to post a ‘perpetual thread’ in honor of the papal tiara. An ‘Ode to the Tiara’ if you will. Post your favorite, picture/painting of the Tiara, put pictures of you favorite Popes wearing it. You can also go as far as to post the tiara which you like the least :wink:

Here are just a few of my favorite Tiaras

The quite well-known photo of Pope Pius XII with the Papal Tiara:

A Google image search for [papal tiara] turns up quite a few, and I can’t say I have a most favorite… but my least favorite is probably still Pope Paul VI’s:

What do the 3 crowns or circles symbolize?

The threefold authority of the “Supreme Pontiff: Universal Pastor (top), Universal Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (middle) and Temporal Power (bottom)”. Others interpret the three tiers as meaning “Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world, Vicar of our Saviour Jesus Christ”.
At the time the pope was crown the Cardinal Deacon who was crowning him would solemnly say in latin: Accipe tiaram tribus coronis ornatam, et scias te esse Patrem Principum et Regnum, Rectorem Orbis, in terra Vicarium Salvatoris Nostri Jesu Christi, cui est honor et gloria in sæcula sæculorum.
(Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of Princes and Kings, Ruler of the World, Vicar of Our Savior Jesus Christ in earth, to whom is honor and glory in the ages of ages.)

Very interesting, thank you! Why do the popes no longer wear the tiara? Does it suggest a repudiation of its meaning?

There is at least one other: priest, teacher, ruler (in that order). That’s is the one I was taught, and I still believe it to be the most accurate description.

The reason would seem to be more political than anything else. As a partial aside, the tiara was never worn liturgically.

Wow, these pictures make me wish a pope will wear these again! Thanks for sharing

Comparing that one

with the 2nd image in the OP

it seems to me there is a distinct similarity in style. Actually I much prefer the simplicity of the one given to Paul VI by the people of Milan (where he had been Archbishop). The other (whoever it belonged to) is much too busy for my taste.

I don’t get it … where is the inscription “Vicar of the Son of God”? You know, the one whose letters add up to 666? I don’t see any inscription.

Can someone please tell me (clearly and simply) how to place pictures within the body of a post? And also, how I can attach photos to a post?

Thank you:)

That title was made up by Seventh- day Adventist church. No Pope in history that I know of has ever taken the title “Vicar of the Son of God” just “Vicar of Christ” <—which does NOT add up to 666. One of the founders Ellen G. White taught that the Pope was the anitchrist. Ironically enough, Ellen White’s OWN name adds up to 666 in Latin!:bigyikes:

If you wish to post a picture you need to click ‘reply’ or the little ‘quote’ tab in the post box in the message. Up on the toolbar in the message box there is a little image of mountains…click it and a tiny URL box will appear. You might need to open up a new tab for your picture or wherever you have it. Copy the URL of your picture EXCEPT the http:// because it is already in the URL box. paste the URL onto the little URL box and hit OK and your picture will appear in the message in the form of a URL. If you wish to see your picture before you post it hit preview:D
Pope John XXIII
Pope Pius XI

The regal vestments of the Pope. Imagine wearing all that especially on a hot and humid day:eek:




[attach]8627[/attach] St Pius X, pray for us, on this your Feast Day!



The Napoleon Tiara

Benedict XV had all of the jewels replaced with glass replicas and sold the originals. He used the profits to aid victims of WWI :thumbsup:

Woah… I just found out that there is a John Paul II Tiara!

Apparently he never wore it, though. Huh.

The Papal Tiara will return, in time, like everything else.

Look at that face!
Saint Pius X, pray for us!

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