Pictures of where you attend the Classical Mass


This is the Chapel in St. Joseph’s Hospital here in London. It was build for use by the sisters of St. Joseph in the 1950s. The stained glass windows depict images and symbols of the sacraments. Also, there are various icons and statues around the chapel for private devotion. The chapel was never renovated, and so still containes the original High Altar and Side Altars. The new altar is a wooden table that can easily be moved out into the hallway during our Classical Mass.

Please post pictures and describe where you attend the TLM :slight_smile:


THAT chapel is gorgeous.
Serene and beautiful.
Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)


Holy Trinity in Boston which is about to be closed and torn down if the ADOB has it’s way.
My mother’s family has worshiped here for over 100 years.


Oh, what a magnificent church! It shocks & saddens me to hear that it may be closed down. I can only imagine how you must feel having so much family tradition there. How could the closing be prevented ? What is the ADOB? I will pray for that Parish.




i would post a picture of our SSPX chapel,but not sure if iam allowed to do so?


I’m sure its fine :wink:


i just made a post about it, so lets see what people say:)


here is 3 photos, 2 of the altar at our church, 1 is of the Confirmation Mass.


That’s a nice looking chapel - is the statue in the corner (man with Infant Jesus) St Joseph or St Anthony or some other saint?


saint anthony and Jesus


The 1st where I attended as a boy in New Orleans,
The 2nd is of Bishop Brom at the Cemetary Chapel where we have the Mass here in san Diego. Bisop Brom has been very good with us and we owe him a great deal of thanks for his continued support.


This is where one of the ‘Indults’ I go to is held. This was taken after Mass, hence why there are not 6 candles on the Altar. The Church is very pretty, however, all the side Altars have been removed and most probably smashed.


Here is my parish, St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis, MO. Click to the left Pontifical High mass and it will load some photo’s for you…

The last picture is the side altar of Our Lady, with Archbishop Burke praying at it. There are 4 side altars in all. The high altar is 50’ tall.


That high altar is out of this world!!!


It is still there, St. Marys Assumption still has the side altars, the altar rails everything, and still used on pretty much a daily basis. It is also the home of the Blessed Father Seelos Center. New Orleans being as staunchly Catholic as it was survived some of the worst ravages of the post Vatican II destruction that so badly hit other areas. I took the picture when I visited there prior to Hurricane Katrina. Sadly the church suffered some damage from the Hurricane and is undergoing a lot of work. The Church is very popular for weddings city and state wide. While beautiful, it is only one of many similar Churches in New Orleans which has several that rival this one in beauty and tradition. There were other Churches since closed that surpassed this one actually. The link has photos of numerous other churches in


This is my parish. We currently rent to be able to use this Church, but are working towards getting our own property, to see more pictures go here


SSPX in Dublin Ireland


Ah, home! I still have my holy card of Blessed Father Seelos (in my 1962 St. Joseph missal) which was given to me when I assisted Father from “dat across da street parish” St. Alphonsus when he came to give my grandmother last rites in January 1965. (And we have prayed and prayed for Fr. Seelos’ eventual canonization!). St. Alphonsus and St. Mary’s are right across the street from each other - both served by Redemptorist priests - one parish Irish (St. A) the other German (St. M). St. Patrick’s is another church in NO with the TLM.


I have visited here 3 times --PGH, PA
Knocked out I must say.
Notice all the head coverings, and the packed Mass with 6+altar “persons”.
Here are more pics of interest.

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