Piece of Eucharist between teeth


This morning after coming home from church, I noticed a whitish thingy between my teeth. I automatically removed it with my finger and went on with my day. It is only several hours later that I realized it was probably a piece of the Eucharist I had received this morning that I removed, since I hadn’t eaten anything before. I feel terrible about it now even though I never intended to do anything wrong.

Any advice on what I should do?

I said a prayer to ask God for His forgiveness, and I think I’ll go to confession so I can put this behind me.


Forget and move on. You are teetering on being scrupulous.


I’m sorry, but I can’t help but see the humor in this. :laughing:


Don’t worry about it, Jesus knows your intentions weren’t out of order.


There’s nothing to be forgiven for. If you continue to worry about this sort of thing, see a priest and a mental health professional about your scrupulosity. Prayers.


You didn’t do anything purposefully. I’m sure Jesus understands.

"I said a prayer to ask God for His forgiveness, "

You did the right thing. All is well.


No actually he is not scrupulous here. Throwing away the Eucharist is a serious sin even without intent. Ask your priest about it.
If we do it we must confess it and do whatever the priest tells us.


It cannot be a serious sin if no sin was intended. It may not even have been a piece of the Eucharist.

OP, if it is bothering you, discuss it with your priest, but please, in the mean time, be at peace.


Talking to your priest is fair enough, but seeing a mental health professional? That might be a bit over-the-top, don’t you think?


“Serious sin without intent” is a self contradiction.


I agree. Mistreating even the smallest piece of our Lord is sacrilege.


To the OP tell your priest about it honestly and whatever he answers is true and valid and then you don’t have to worry about it again.


Also, OP, are you in the habit of chewing Our Lord? I don’t see how else this could have happened.


I was taught that the Eucharistic Presence remains only as long as the substance is identifiable as bread. Is a “whitish thingy between my teeth” identifiable as bread? But the accusation if sacrilege and “throwing away a piece of Jesus,” really …


You cannot commit sin without intending to commit sin - or at least being careless/reckless about whether you were committing sin or not.

In this case neither applies - the posibility did not even cross the OP’s mind until well after the event. No carelessness, recklessness or intent. No sin.

OP it’s natural to feel bad, as you would in any case where you accidentally disrespected or hurt someone you care about. Doesn’t make it a sin or require confession.


Yes, it clearly is. If you don’t believe me, here’s a test. Take a loaf, cut out a 5mm piece. Give it to someone you know, and ask what it is. It is overwhelmingly likely they will recognise it as bread. As long as the constituent elements remain, Our Lord is Our Lord.


It varies. Most often I let the Eucharist dissolve in my mouth but sometimes I chew. I might have chewed today. I obviously won’t do it again. Lesson learned.


Hmm, no. Sacrilege can be sacrilege without one having culpability.


Please don’t. It’s very irreverent. I don’t mean to cause offence, but that’s my opinion at least. Let it rest on your tongue for a while before swallowing if you will, but never bite and chew.


The eucharist remains the eucharist if the particles are still those of bread. Stomach acid will change this. Saliva won’t, at least if it can still be identified, as the OP clearly has here.

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