Pierre De Vos says not assisting a 'gay marriage' like sacrificing children to death

‘‘Private belief to sacrifice children, say, cannot justify killing of children’ and Christian beliefs cause acts which are ‘harmful’ and ‘must be curtailed’ UCT University of Cape Town Constitutional Law Professor tells our Marc Evan Aupiais and the Cape Talk radio station, on Christians refusing to assist a gay ‘wedding’ ceremony.’


Do you have an actual news link? (Not a link to a blog)

I know it is pretty hard to get it into your skull, but that is an actual news link. SACNS is an actual news service. And actual journalists have often enough linked to its stories as news in South Africa. As for the embedded tweets, they are actual embedded tweets from actual people.

Sorry to ruin your day with facts.

Powered by “blogger”? Copyright by you?

Friend, it looks like a blog, smells like a blog.

To paraphrase Senator Vreenak:

I have not changed certain aspects from about 5 years ago when it was still a blog. It since changed content and focus. As the headline states it is a news service, and it is seen as such in South Africa. The picture background and web design is copyright to myself. I preferred blogger to other platforms for cost. Blogger is cheaper than other content management, but simply using a service does not alter the nature of the contents. As for copyright, it is different in South Africa. It is enforceable from creation. And copyright to whoever creates it.Or to the organisation or person which commissioned a work. Copyright does not make it a blog. Content and recognition does. And the content is not of a blog, but of a news service. A blog comes from web log, but clearly much of the news reporting is original. Including this article. It is not a blog. But enjoy being whatever you are and using a collectivist atheist idea to attack one of the few authentic Catholic voices in South Africa.

Thank you for the more reasoned response.

I’m NOT trying to be the thread police. I’m trying to help you not get this thread pulled, as I think it is a potentially important topic for discussion.

However, from past experience, threads tend to be locked in the news forums unless they link to a mainstream news source. As an example, let us hypothesize that Bernie Goldberg wrote a news article (not commentary) that was published to foxnews.com, that would be an acceptable source. If he cross-posted the same exact article to his own site, bernardgoldberg.com, it may well be considered a blog source…and, thus, blocked.

The point being, if you are syndicated or are published in a “news” outlet, I would suggest posting a link to that news story vice one from your own site. They may well be the same exact article, but one is from a “news” source…and one is from your own “blog”. From the rules thread (at the top of this page):

*]Threads in the In the News sub-forums must begin with a news article. Avoid blogs or commentaries unless they link to a news article.
*]No blogs unless they link to a news article
*]Op-Eds, blog postings and commentary are acceptable if they contain links to hard news stories or press releases. However, they must otherwise adhere to CAF rules on charity.

Again, not trying to bust your chops by being the “thread police” – just trying to keep your thread from getting pulled.

There are several stories most media will not touch in South Africa. For instance when thousands of people marched to end abortion. Only SACNS and Archdiocesan News reported on that. Or when a liberal politician says something such as certain things which I reported for SACNS.

This is the ONLY story on this matter. Just as SACNS was the only service to publish Cardinal Napier’s apology on Paedophilia until the rest did a day later in that case, some basis their stories on SACNS, or linking to it.

SACNS is not Fox News… true.

But do you know SABC? eNCA? Summit, IAfrica? M & G? None of these are American mainstream news, but they still count as news. In fact these are better known here than American services such as Fox News, which many consider not to be news here.

Fact is, a service is defined by content, reach, and so forth. And a blog is a personal opinion or collection of online website links. Blogs tend not to carry original news. Half of the SACNS stories are original news. News which is not politically correct to cover in liberal South Africa.

I am glad you are not the thread police, you certainly came across that way. And I have had some bad experiences with ill informed moderators on entirely different issues in the past. But if this story is pulled because it is not a mainstream American service but a South African internet news service, then a lot less people will note this story, just ahead of America considering putting you and your Christians in the same predicament.

Actually. I follow All Africa for a newswire from there.

I also try to keep up with a couple of papers from Africa, but not as much as I should. the Herald and IOL mostly. I do watch The Monitor and New Vision from Uganda, as well. (my wife and I have some close friends from Uganda, so we try to keep up with that a bit better)

Blogs have an important role to play in the world of information. Either here or there. They will cover Stories missed or ignored by the media. And, as often as not, they break news. Sadly. though. CAF does not allow them.

All Africa, is meta news. Herald? Which Herald? WHich Country? IOL as in Irish Owned Independent Newspapers, 17 South African Titles, recently sold to Sekunjula, which was funded by the owners of Al Jazeera. What Monitor? New Vision is quite biased.

I am glad you have friends in Uganda. But Uganda is not South Africa.

And the site is not a blog. I have blogs. It is not one of them.

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