Pig Out TV

Am I the only one bothered the large number of pig-out shows on TV and in society? The worse one is Man v. Food in which the host eats 72 oz steaks, 3 pound hamburgers and the like. I have never been in an eating establishment that has such events but they seem to be quite common. Nathan’s Hot Dogs sponsors a annual all the hot dogs you can eat contest (usually won by a Japanese professional eater (?!!) if I recall correctly). This is not just unhealthy but worse than mere gluttony since it glorifies gluttony. Your thoughts?

I hate it too! I think it glorifies gluttony. You can feed a whole family with that much food.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any pig-out shows on TV, and I really don’t care to. I don’t like the way TV is anymore anyway.

I’ll take my EWTN and of course, my Star Trek reruns. Anything else they can keep.

Just my eclectic style, I guess… :wink:

I’d write a polite little note to the TV stations that show such rot, and the companies that sponsor it, letting them know that even the Guinness Book of Records has LONG pulled the plug on records relating to eating, specifically for the reason that overeating poses such a huge danger healthwise.

And not-so-subtly enquiring what rock they’ve been living under for the last 5 years or so not to be aware of the obesity pandemic.

Yes, it’s very offensive to my husband and me…the excess, and the waste…yet so many people have barely enough to eat. A real turn-off that’s quickly turned off

I didn’t need more reasons not to watch television, but hey, thanks, I’ll toss it on the stack!

Although…actually, rather than encouraging gluttony, I bet watching stuff like this would make me lose a lot of weight very quickly indeed, simply from the grossed-out nausea it would induce. :eek:

Just reading this thread made me kinda want to yarf. :o

I’m personally dead set against these “eating contests”, unless it’s something like speed-eating one pie in under a minute. I think there’s someone who started an organization to try and make the gluttony contests illegal and if I could find his website, I’d be signing up to help him, pronto – and I’ll be posting the link here to spread the word.

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