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Hi, my name is Olga, and I work with the Israeli ministry of tourism.

As you may know, this year Pope Benedict XVI has made his pilgrimage tour to Holy Land in a mission of peace and reconciliation. His Holiness defined his pilgrimage to the Holy Land as a visit to the birthplace of the Christian faith.
The Pontiff’s pilgrimage had taken him to Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem in May 2009.
Since the pope's pilgrimage, number of catholics visiting the Holy Land has rapidly increased. Ministry of tourism has set up a website in order to supply more information which may help to a person, who is considering a pilgrimage or interested in Holy Land in general

You may view the website here:


Among the content you can find on the website are:

1.Articles and images regarding all the holy places in Holy Land
2.One can sign for Newsletter in order to receive updates
3.Google Maps of all the holy places in Holy Land
4.News and videos about the Holy Land, which are being constantly updated
5.One can sign up for live updates on Twitter
6.Join a Facebook group for all catholics who have just visited or plan to visit the Holy Land.

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