Pilgrimage - to where?


I’m a new Catholic, and haven’t been on any pilgrimages yet… but I’d like to! And I actually have some money saved up, so that I might be able to soon.

I’m fascinated with what I’ve read about Medjugorje, but I know that’s not the only option. Some friends just got back from Lourdes, and had a fantastic trip.

So… to all you pilgrimage experts – If you were to go on your first pilgrimage, where would you go? Why? Do you know of good groups (tours)?

Thanks so much for your help!



I would go to Rome first. Rome is a fantastic place.

I went a few years ago to Greece int he footsteps of St. Paul. That was unbelievable! many of the roads and building…or their ruins, are still standing and to stand at the very spots where Paul stood and preached was awesome. Also Ephesus in Turkey was great.


I would do Marian Shrines and Italy. Bob and Penny Lord do several pilgrimages each year and offer different itineraries. Look at their website for 2009’s trips. My husband and I have done 2 of theirs and what a treat. Lourdes is my favorite place, very peaceful.

I did a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Father Pacwa in 2000 and it was amazing to walk in Jesus’s footsteps and follow His life. The other trip that we are considering is one with Stephen Ray. Most of the trips are about 10 days so be prepared for taking some time off.

Have fun researching, there are lots of choices. It is worth the extra money to go with someone who does pilgrimages regularly, especially if it is your first time.


Hi Tom :wave: If you’re in the United States… you might wish to take a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, in Hanceville, Alabama.

I have provided a link below. It is my understanding, that the people at EWTN are extremely helpful… in finding lodgings, etc. for your journey. I hope to go on this one, myself… one day… God permitting. Hope you find a great pilgrimage. God bless.



my first trip, when I have vacation and money at the same time, will be to the shrine of NS Guadalupe in Mexico city, I will go on a tour sponsored by the diocese, led by a priest, through a local company, which includes stops at San Luis Potosi, NS de San Juan de los Lagos, and other holy sites in Mexico.

when I get opportunity for a European flight next preference would be Lourdes, then Fatima, but I want to be on a tour that includes the countryside and other sites in that part of the world.

after that Greek cities and isles and following footsteps of Paul, Malta, Rome.

Not exactly a tour but I would like w/i the next 10 years to spend a year living in the Holy Land, in Jerusalem, on a kibbutz, in a monastery, if I can find a place that still organizes such experiences–has been a dream for 30 yrs.


I am by no means an experienced “pilgrim”, but I’ll share what I am currently doing as a pilgrimage (until I can get to Rome). I travel a lot for my work throughout the Central Valley of California and I see a lot of different churches. I try to go to daily mass as well. So when I am in a particular city or town, I go to the internet (masstimes.org or the diocesan website for whatever diocese I am in) and look for the locations of each parish in each of the dioceses. I also look at which times I will best be able to attend mass each day, then make it a point to attend at least one mass at each church during the week. Sometimes it means attending mass in Spanish, but hey, I can use the help in learning another language and the “language of the mass is the same no matter what dialect”, right? If there is no mass available for me to attend, I at least try to visit the church and spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament or a Holy Hour in Adoration. I have seen many, many wonderful parishes and met some very devout fellow catholics in each town to share my faith with. I must also say that it has deepened my appreciation for the Eucharist as well the the Word. And the best fringe benefit about my “pilgrimage” is that it doesn’t cost me anything monetarily.


Have you ever thought that when you go to your parish church, you are making a pilgrimage?

The same Eucharist is available there as in the usual pilgrimage spots.


also every bishop has designated a church in his diocese, usually the Cathedral, or one named for St. Paul, as a pilgrimage site for this Pauline Year, so that the faithful can obtain the plenary indulgence for a pilgrimage to a Pauline church, try the website of your diocese


Have you considered Rome?
What a beutiful place to visit!


I spent a week in Assisi once on retreat. It was wonderful. Just make sure you visit LaVerna (I think that is the name - about an hour’s drive away) where Francis received the stigmata.


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