Pilgrimage? With small children?

Lots of questions about pilgrimages…
first…where have you gone? What did you do/see?
second…has anyone been on a pilgrimage with small children/toddlers? (like the age that aren’t especially still and quiet during mass…)
Are there any tour companies that specialize in pilgrimages with children? If not, is anyone else interested in researching this further with me?

Just a thought…Have you considered bringing along a young relative or friend who might enjoy a paid “vacation” and keep the toddler or small child while you do the pilgrimage thing? Also, some places of pilgrimage offer child care for a fee.

I’ve been to Rome - saw the Sistine Chapel, St Peters (awesome!) and St Pauls Outside the Walls (I think it’s called).

Also Assisi, where I visited the basilica outside the town that actually contains the original San Damiano that St Francis restored. I think it’s called St Mary of the Angels? Also the Basilica in the town itself, with its gorgeous frescoes.

On top of this was Medjugorje where I climbed on foot (middle of a stinking hot summer - it took some doing I can tell you!). Mind you this was before I was aware that Medj hasn’t been officially approved :frowning:

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