Pill question for the ladies


OK ladies I need help. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and from what I can tell from the nurse the doc is going to want to put me on the pill. Here’s the story.

I have awful periods. I posted a few months back about them. Anyways, I feel like my insides are being torn apart. Last month I was hurting so bad I thought I was going to pass out from the pain and my friend that was with me made me go to the er. She thought something was really wrong. They ran tests and did an ultrasound to make sure it wasn’t a cyst or anything like that. Everything came back normal. The er doc wanted to give me a prescription for the pill but I told him no. Well, this month I feel like I’m dying. I really do feel like my insides are being thrown around. I’ve tried everything…every single remedy…pain pill… I’ve googled and tried all those ideas too. Nothing helps at all. It makes me feel so bad I have to miss work and just lay in bed and cry for a couple days. The nurse I talked to said that there is a new type of birth control pill that makes you only have a couple periods a year. I told her that this is something I have to think about. I’m at work right now and my notes are at home so I don’t know what the pills were called. I know there are risks with taking the pill. I AM NOT TAKING IT TO PREVENT A BABY. I’m single and have the no sex rule. I would honestly be taking it so I won’t feel like a hurting mess every single month. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried over the past few months to just suck it up and deal with it but I can’t. This pain is unbearable. I had to come to work because if I’m not here I don’t get paid and I can’t afford to miss work. So far, I’ve went to the bathroom and cried 4 times and thrown up 2 because of the pain.

Please help! I don’t know what to do… :frowning:


Let me put it this way…

the only way you would naturally have two periods a year is if you had serious health problems that keep you from ovulating.

The birth control pill has risks that are not worth it.

Find a doctor who is willing to take the time to find out why your period pain is so bad. There are a lot of gynelogical problems that can cause extreme menstrual pain, some of which carry fertility consequences–which could become an issue later if you do decide to marry and have children. If you can find the root of the problem, you have a better chance of treating it properly.

When you go to your appointment, ask your Dr. if there are any other treatment options, or ways of finding out what’s going on. If she looks at you like you are from mars (as many drs have done to me when I’ve asked the same questions) find another dr.

I have cysts and bad cramps–at their worst I can feel them down to my knees, and they make me nauseated–and my period occasionally paralyzes my intestines for a day or so–which is REALLY uncomfortable, I can tell you.

Even so, I consider the Pill to be an absolute last resort, and I have never yet taken it.


This doctor is great. I told him that I have religious reasons for not wanting the pill and he said he would see what he could figure out. He has had tests ran, ultrasounds, more tests, then this machine that scaned my stomach area…I think it was a cat scan but I’m not sure…he has tired me on different vitamin supplements. My Mom was like this until she had kids. This has been going on for years. This is the only doctor I have found that isn’t pill happy. He acutally respects my decision to not have sex until I’m married! :thumbsup: I honestly feel like we have tried everything. I don’t want to be on the pill but when I feel this awful, it starts to sound like a good idea. My doctor said medically I’m fine. I’m just one of the lucky women who has terrible periods. :shrug:


Before I would go on the pill I would do two things:

  1. Find a second opinion. Have someone take the time to try and find out why you have such bad periods. If you can try to find a doctor that isn’t so happy about the pill. If they are open to other things they can help find a solution besides the pill. I was on the pill before I converted and it had some nasty side affects. I was on it for severe cramping and generally just getting sick during my period, it didn’t help, and in fact made it worse. I found a doctor who worked with me and helped me deal with it.

  2. Talk to your priest. He can help you figure out if this is morally acceptable in your case. We can give you our opinion but that’s all it is; an opinion.



That’s fantastic!

It’s bad enough to be looked at like you’re from space when you say you don’t want the pill.

I can’t tell you how many skeptical looks I got from medical professionals when I was unmarried and I told them I wasn’t sexually active. Really, it can’t be that hard to believe!

Soo frustrating!


This is just a suggestion from one gal to another, if you haven’t already tried it… I find heating pads help me a lot with my own menstrual pains. I wear those therma care wraps under my clothes sometimes when I’m working, because I have to be on my feet a lot, and can’t be plugged into a wall. At home, I use the electric heating pad.

If it’s just extreme cramping, I wonder if there are non-hormonal treatments. Keep asking. It seems like every few years they discover something new.


I’ve heard of some doctor’s who will prescribe a high dose pain killer that can be used during menstruation… typically an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen.

Do you take any painkillers *regularly *during your period?.. meaning as often as you possibly can according to the medication labeling?..

I ask because I know of 2 women who went on the pill because of their excruciating cramps… yet they never took basic painkillers for the pain… :confused:

I’ve also found exercise to help a lot… specifically on the first day of your period… a really HARD workout can lower the pain you’ll experience during the period…

Good luck… glad to know your doctor is taking slow steps without prescribing the pill immediately!


Have you been tested for endometreosis?

If that’s not the problem, I recommend checking out Marilyn Shannon’s book Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition. She has a lot of tips on how dietary changes and nutritional supplements can help relieve painful periods like yours.

However, since you live a celibate life and will be taking the Pill for medicinal purposes only, it is (to my knowledge) morally permissible for you to do so if you can’t find any other alternative.


There is still a high likelihood you have cysts. I would go to a specialist and have them do ultrasounds of your ovaries throughout your cycle. They may not have seen it because it burst.


Morally, it isn’t an issue,

however the pill is really bad for you. PLEASE go to an NFP only doc. They will help you

go to www.omsoul.com to find one.


I would say that since you’re not sexually active, you can go on the pill. You are not using it to control birth, you are using it as medication to control a serious problem. I’ve had that problem too, and the pill helped me a lot. Now my periods are light, and I don’t dread them each month.

Of course, you have to be careful that when you get married, you’re not afraid to go off the pill for fear of your periods coming back in full force. One of my friends told me that if you’ve been on the pill, it could take you longer to conceive, as it may take a year for the hormones to leave your system. However, my doctor told me that sexual activity also helps reduce the pain, so perhaps once you’re married it’ll take care of itself.

But to me, saying that a single celibate woman shouldn’t take the pill because it’s a sin for married women to do so is like saying that married women shouldn’t sleep with their husbands because it would be a sin for single women to do so. It’s not a logical connection. Just make sure that if you take the pill, then when the time comes to come off it, you will have the courage to do so.


Sweetheart, if you have periods like I think you have periods (and I had them in horrible fashion), and you and the doctor are convinced this is the way to treat it, this is good old double-effect and not a sin. (Also try this link.) You are not taking The Pill to prevent pregnancy. You are celibate. You are taking The Pill to regulate your cycle. If this is all that’s stopping you, talk to a priest.

That said, if you are not comfortable taking The Pill, you should find another doctor. It does have side-effects, and they are not happy ones.

I was once in your shoes, way back when, single, and were my periods doozies!!! One doctor put me on the The Pill. I bloated up and felt as if I were a walking balloon. I was nasty and crabby (well, I’m not a ray of sunshine all the time now, but I have the “Maxine Excuse”).

I went to another doctor, who instead, put me on a diuretic to at a certain time of the month, followed by a simple hormone dosage (don’t remember which it was), and a good pain killer. He also regulated my diet to lean meats, dark green veggies with certain fruits, and a lot of water and milk. i felt a lot better, and the darn thing righted itself for quite some time.

This was back in the mid-1970s. I think they have come up with even better drugs and diet combination without The Pill.

So- You’re OK if your reasons fit the above, but there are other alternatives if you’re not so hot on the idea.


You’re single and living a chaste life. The pill is not immoral.

But it will just cover up whatever’s going on. Why not find out what the problem really is rather than just put a band aid on it?


The pill is not immoral, if you are using it solely as a medicine, and it does help minimize the pain and duration of your period. That being said, I went off the pill three months ago!:slight_smile: It actually had side effects, such as causing my heart to race, and migraines…that I finally decided to call it quits. My husband and I are ‘managing,’ but it’s the best thing I did. I was on the pill for say, 10 years…and I also used it for medicinal use.

I was reading the other day about non hormonal pills that ob/gyns are offering their patients…maybe ask about that. They come in prescription form…sorry I don’t know more than that.

But, the pill has its pluses, I just think that it spikes your estrogen levels too much…which cause other issues. So, maybe try something else like I suggest above, and see what happens?

I’m sorry you’re in such pain…When I was in my 20’s, I had excrutiating periods, too.:frowning: Prayers are with you for the best outcome.


This is my 5 (I think) doctor in probably 2 years that I have went to see about this. All the other ones were pill crazy and that was their solution for everything. This guy is the first to say he wanted to figure out what was wrong. I told him its a religious choice and he said that he has alot of people that say the same thing. I have been in his office the past 6 maybe 7 months to try to figure this out. He has me come in the second I get that 1st cramp and runs tests then and then runs them about 1/2 way through my cycle. I like him because he actually is supportive about my no pill no sex decision. I’m 24 so its proabably not something he hears all the time. I have been on prescription muscle relaxers, pain pills all that fun mess. I know this might sound odd…but it makes me feel better that some of you have had these problems…I felt like I was the odd ball. I’m going to print this off and ask him about some of your suggestions. I really don’t want to be on the pill. When the pain is unbearable and he says it might help it starts to look like a good idea. I know that the Church is ok with the pill for medical reasons but I really don’t want it. Thanks for all your support and suggestions!!


Start taking Creighton NFP classes. An NFP doc can read the charts and see in more detail what is going on.

From Charting I have found 3 issues that I would not have found without it… a couple of which could have been serious if left alone.

I now take a couple of things that naturally help the causes of the probs (not the pill).

Knowing what i know, I will NEVER as far as I can help it, go to any doc that is not NFP only


Hi Keri,

I will keep you and your doc in my prayers! Thank goodness he isn’t prescription happy. My doc tries to prescribe me at least 5 or 6 different meds every time I go in for a visit.

I totally agree with KCT. Find out what the real problem is, don’t mask it with the pill.

I was on the pill for years. I believed the lies that my doctors at the time told me. Now, I am coping with a few not-so-pleasant chronic conditions which I am certain are linked to the synthetic “hormones” found in the pill. They are not natural and your body will suffer in other ways as it tries to metabolize them out of your system.

Good luck to you at your appointment tomorrow!


BTW, I second this advice, too! Creighton is a wonderful thing! :thumbsup:


My question is…what happens when you do get married and you are using the pill?? Do you stop before you get married and begin your married life with horrible pain that for years you didnt have because you were taking the pill. I can’t imagin that would be the best start to a marriage.

I would fight for a proper diagnosis. It will be much easier to go from doctor to doctor and insist on more tests then it will be later. the pill is a temporary solution and whether it is moral or immoral isnt really the question. When you get married it will be most definately immoral and then what will you do?


I had those same sort of terrible periods, right from the very beginning. This was long before the pill became available, and there wasn’t a whole lot that any doctor offered me except some pain pills. Then when I had my first baby, the pain stopped completely!!! :thumbsup:

My doctor said that labor and especially delivery probably changed my cervix (loosening it up a little) enough to cause the change. I’m wondering if there is some sort of medical procedure that your doctor could do that would have the same effect–at least it wouldn’t hurt to investigate that…


Keri. dear sister…

I used to have bad periods but nothing like what you describe.
I believe there is somewhat a scare-campain going on in Catholic circles… whereas secular media and doctors might downplay the side effects of the pill… which I actually dont think is the case when it comes to non-believing doctors in generel… and though the society has an agenda that thinks premarital sex it okay, so does the Catholic society have a huge agenda in making the pill look like something straight from hell.
I believe we should be equally critical and find a middle way.
I was on the pill for about five years… It was a pill that made me have my period every month (i would like it in no other way) but with much less pain and trouble. After those five years I went off the pill and since then my period has normalised itself … my body has developed since back then and now I hardly ever suffer from pain anymore and my period is over in no time compared to before the pill and even during taking the pill…

So I think you should ask your doctor, tell her your thoughts and then take her advice … she is most likely more qualified than anyone here to tell you what to do.

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