Pinal County Sheriff: Mexican drug cartels now control parts of Arizona

CASA GRANDE, AZ - Two men shot earlier this week could be the result of the ongoing battle between Mexican drug cartels now spilling over deep into Arizona, officials say.

Pinal County investigators say an area known as the smuggling corridor now stretches from Mexico’s border to metro Phoenix.

The area , once an area for family hiking and off road vehicles has government signs warning residents of the drug and human smugglers.

And still we have those that are opposed to the law passed in Arizona. People have a right to feel safe in their homes and obviously with drug runners all over the place, they cannot. It is a disgrace that the federal government of both parties have ignored this problem for so long.

No they’re not quit exaggerating. Ooh look! A butterfly!

Those drug smugglers don’t care about the law, any law. Supply and demand. As long as Americans want the stuff, someone will produce it - and supply it - laws or no laws.

Let’s just be clear on what you are saying.

We should not attempt to control our own border because some Americans are breaking the law?

It’s America’s fault that the drug cartels have invaded our country?

Arizona is a racist state because they are trying to punish the illegals for something that is clearly our fault?

ABSOLUTELY! 65% of the 330 metric TONS of cocaine sold annually in this country comes from Mexican drug cartels. Do you honestly believe they’d bother sending their dealers here if Americans weren’t spending between $3.6 - 10.5 BILLION on the white stuff every year?

What are you talking about? Americans break laws all the time. What does that have to do with border control???

It’s America’s fault that the drug cartels have invaded our country?

You betcha!! Do you think that the cartels are shipping drugs to the United States for fun? Don’t you think that they might be doing it for the money? Don’t you think that they might be doing it for the money because there are sales to be made - big time - in America? Don’t you think that there might be an insatiable demand here for drugs that the cartels are willing to satisfy?

Arizona is a racist state because they are trying to punish the illegals for something that is clearly our fault?

Clearly our fault - the demand for drugs. To punish the illegal migrants for our fault is to suggest that they have something to do with it, such as acting as mules for the cartels.

I haven’t seen suggestions here that imply that.

As for Arizona’s racism - probably no more racist than any of the other border states.


I guess the criminal element is no longer to be held culpable for anything they do! :hypno:

While the demand for drugs is clearly the fault of a large minority of Americans, the violation of our borders is not America’s fault. That is like saying the demand for abortions is the fault of the Church because some of it’s Religious and a large minority of its laity support abortion on demand. The violation of our borders is directly the fault of the criminals performing the act, period.

As an American, I demand that our government put a stop to it now. Let the American drug addicts deal with the lack of supply as well as they can. I would suggest they try rehab. If they’re serious, I believe most Americans would be willing to use tax dollars to assist them.

I would hardly place the sickness of addiction in the same category as drug dealers who willingly slaughter innocent people for monetary gain.

If there were NO demand for illegal drugs from Mexico in our country, how much business would they be doing? I think none.

BTW, what does your remark have to do with the supply and demand for drugs?

I disagree. Failing to guard our borders is OUR fault, and the blame for the subsequent violation of those borders can’t be placed entirely on the cartels.

If you leave your front door wide open and thieves come in, they have violated the privacy of your home. But, I’ll just bet that the cops will ask you why you left the door open wide to let them come in. Comparative fault, it seems.

Failing to guard our borders is our fault, that still doesn’t mitigate the guilt of the people invading our country.

If I leave my front door wide open, I’m guilty of stupidity and gross negligence, which may be a mitigating factor for the thief in a court of law. But the person who enters my home and steals is 100% thief; not 25%, or 50%, or 75%.

I get tired of hearing this nonsense. Exactly what does this fact justify? Two wrongs, drug smuggling and drug use, make a right? This illogic comes straight from open border lobby talking points. You didn’t originate this. This is why we need armed military on the border. If we don’t get armed military on the border soon, we are going to get armed civilians there, as we almost did when the Minutemen announced such a tactic recently before they changed their minds and disbanded. They had a corporation with assets and officers who could have been sued, so they thought better of their initial plan. What is needed is an adhoc gathering of individuals.

As long as people put money in banks, there will be bank robbers, so put your cash under the mattress.

Failure to guard our borders is the fault of the Congress and the President and is a violation of their Oaths of Office. It is criminal and treasonous. It it even more imperative to guard our borders because of all the crimes committed by drug dealers and users of Mexican drugs.

I had a car stolen because I left the keys in it. I prosecuted the thieves. The cops never said anything.

Which includes the Master of the Right - GW Bush.

You will never get an argument about your comment from this conservative! Yes, he did entice them here with all manner of benefits and privileges; even worse than that he worked with the SPP separate from any Congressional oversight. The fact remains that this administration is doing exactly the same thing and Americans are being murdered in the streets by Mexican drug cartels which forced the state of Arizona to do what it had to do via SB 1070 to protect its citizens.

This places Obama and Company in a rather awkward position. All this demonstrating against the bill rather belies the increasing violence Arizona is having to deal with, wouldn’t you say?

Sure, I suppose.
But W for eight years - did nothing except start a useless war. You can’t blame the liberals on Arizona’s problem. The right wing created this problem.
the last thing the right wing wants to do is cripple all those voting farmers and prevent them from hiring illegals. Business is business.

Yes, but he is not president now. Don’t know what Master of the Right means, but GWB was no conservative.

So you expect O to undo eight years of stupidity in two?
W was a conservative. He was the typical conservative whether you like it or not.

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