Pioneering Rev. Robert Drinan dies at 86


“His death was peaceful, and he was surrounded by his family,” said the Rev. John Langan, rector of the Georgetown University Jesuit Community where Drinan lived.

An internationally known human-rights advocate, Drinan was elected on an anti-war platform and represented Massachusetts in the U.S. House for 10 years during the turbulent 1970s.
He stepped down only after a worldwide directive from Pope John Paul II barring priests from holding public office.


Was Rev. Drinan really pioneering? I need to read more about him, but so far it sounds as if he was another priest just doing his own thing.


Rev. Robert Drinan, S.J. was a consistent and vocal supporter of the legal “right” to abortion. He is one of the principal architects of the rationalisation of legalised abortion that Catholics in the Democratic Party have employed since the 1970s.

May God have mercy on his soul.

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From what little I have read about him he was a star of the Democratic party that traveled around the country endorsing abortion and contraception. Sen. Edward Kennedy was one of his biggest fans, so this sould tell you something. Some might call him a pioneer, I would call him a very misguided Priest who probably led thousands of Catholics astray. Yes, may God have mercy on his soul.


Oh I remember him well. God have mercy on Fr.Drinin.


It’s not nice to speak ill of the dead, but honestly,
Father Drinan made me sick.

May God have mercy on his pro-abortion soul.


Isn’t he the one that just presided at the Mass for Nancy Pelosi’s celebratory ‘tour’ through Washington DC? Let’s pray that he had a death bed repentance; otherwise, there may have been a millstone waiting for him on the other side.


They rebroadcast an interview with Fr Drinan from 1988 on the radio today

Pretty interesting stuff

Terry Gross kept trying to get him to say that he resented Church authority forcing him out of politics or opposed the teachings on abortion

He wouldn’t play her game.


RIF – Ruhe in Frieden.


If he is LUCKY, he’ll get to spend a LOOOOOONG time in purgatory. If not, well, God have Mercy on his soul anyway.


Wow. There’s a lot of pretty judgmental and uncharitable stuff being said here about a priest.

Not being a theologian or Law professor as he was I’m still scratching my head over the explanation he gave about the “abortion” vote in the ‘88 interview.
He says that it wasn’t for or against abortion since that matter had been decided by the court. He says that law in question was one of due process.


I did some research on him after his death to see what his stance was on social issues were and you would of never known he was a priest unless you saw his collar. He was totally for abortion at any stage of life, and in fact supported Bill Clinton when he vetoed the partial birth abortion ban in 2000. I’m not being judgemental or uncharitable, just pointing out the facts.

He did not follow Church teachings on life matters and would like to see what his views were on homosexuality. I didn’t find anything on that. All the articles I read wanted to point out that he was a pro-abortion/contraception priest.

Like my present pastor has told me, if you look hard enough you can find a priest that will tell you that water runs up hill. Fr. Drinan would be one of those. I am not going to judge his soul, that ups to God. But like Fr. Corapi says, priest are held to a higher standard and should be…they are acting in persona Christi.


I also remember that during the 1980s, Father
Drinan and Bishop Gumbleton were big fans
of the Communist regime in Nicaragua, too.

Imagine a priest of God supporting partial birth abortion !!!

GOD have mercy…


May he rest in peace, where he at least doesn’t have to hear seven out of the thirteen people above judging him hellbound but for God’s potential mercy. Isn’t judging souls God’s job?


Monday night quarterbacking. Yeah, God gets final call, but humans are allowed to be disgusted with each other. And selling everything you’re supposed to stand for the way he did pretty much means God’s mercy or the slow-cooker.


I remember seeing him on this TV show on PBS. A bunch of so-called “smart-elitist” people would debate ethics and hypothetical cases. Justice Scalia was one of the guests on the show. I never knew he was pro-choice. Sad, so sad.


I guess he wasnt much concerned about due process for the unborn


that lot was cast by others not by Congress

in his interview he claimed he was trying to work within a situation handed to him. (has anyone actually listened to it?)

but I don’t know, that was 30 years ago …I was a teenager then


Drina said abortion is a “small issue”

In fact Drinan suckered a generation of liberal catholics into believng he was pro-life.

*[H]elping to make it easier for Catholics to toe the pro-abortion line was Representative Robert Drinan, a Jesuit priest who wore his Roman collar while voting for abortion funding. Drinan’s activism started well before the Carter presidency and had tremendous impact on other Democratic politicians. His papers at Boston College reveal how Drinan would tell pro-life constituents that he was morally opposed to abortion while he told people on the other side that he was using his influence to block pro-life initiatives—as indeed he was. In June, 1974, Drinan wrote to an abortion foe saying he hoped “everything that is feasible can be done to protect the sanctity and inviolability of unborn life.” But in July he assured an abortion supporter that “I have voted the correct way on all of the foolish proposals” made by two pro-life House members. Drinan once told a fellow congressman that he “found those in the so-called right to life movement to be very doctrinaire, adamant and unyielding people who have never had any experience with political issues before.” And in a letter to a Harvard University professor, he wrote: “I met recently with the so-called ‘Right-to-Lifers’ in a part of my congressional district. I commended the articles which you have written to them. At least one of these individuals will in all probability be able to read them.” *

***Fr. Drinan’s bad example ***Unfortunately, Drinan did worse than set a bad example for Catholic politicians. He enabled them to rationalize support for pro-abortion legislative initiatives, on the ground that they were doing nothing that a Catholic priest in good standing was not able and willing to do. Moreover, Drinan provided a much-imitated model for Catholic politicians who wished to support the pro-abortion movement while claiming to be faithful to Catholic moral teaching. When a constituent would write to his office expressing pro-life views, Drinan would respond with a letter giving assurances of his full agreement with the Church’s teaching that abortion is gravely wrong. The letter would reveal nothing of Drinan’s consistent support for pro-abortion policies and opposition to pro-life initiatives. Drinan’s legislative record on the subject was mentioned only when he replied to constituents whose letters to his office expressed pro-abortion sentiments. What Drinan was developing in practice was the “personally opposed but pro-choice” position that was later to be defended formally in a famous speech by New York Governor Mario Cuomo at Notre Dame University

He gave cover to the party of death -maenwhile the 40 million children died. There is nothing to admire about this man.


I never said that I was condemning him to hell. I clearly stated that I hope that he had a death bed repentance; otherwise, his judgement will not go well for him. And we can definitely judge his actions, which were clearly deplorable and evil.

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