Piracy Mortal Sin

I read that online media piracy is a mortal sin like theft on another thread. I did not know it was a mortal sin. :banghead:
Can I still receive the Eucharist if i have not confessed it yet? I went to confession between now and the time a pirated. Is it considered a mortal sin? I made a CD as a gift of a album that i downloaded from youtube. I read that the site is in the public domain it is legal. Does that make it not a sin? What should i do about the cd I already gifted? please help

If you didn’t know it was a mortal sin when you did it, it probably knocks it down to a venial sin, so you can still receive the Eucharist. You should still confess it, though.

Sorry, I edited my first post to add more
do you know about the gift part
or the legality vs moral question
thanks for the quick reply

Do you mean the music was public domain? If something is in the public domain, you can copy and share it freely.

whim not sure of public domain but read this article on legality of it
even if it is legal is it wrong? What should I tell the person i gave the cd to as a gift?

According to the article you linked, it is not necessarily illegal to download the videos, though it does violate the terms you agree to when you use the site. I don’t know, I suppose that could fall under the category of “lying”, though someone else here may be able to help you more.

As for the person you gave the CD to, maybe you could explain the situation to them and ask for it back, and give them something else, instead.

Doesn’t it have to be something of greater value to be a mortal sin? I don’t think this counts.

I would say of great value or that has serious consequences (i.e. stealing a 20$ bill from someone who needs every penny of it to feed his family, when you’re fully aware of the importance of that 20$). Depriving a multimillionaire star of whatever royalty he gets from every album sold (1-2$ I would think) is not. The argument could also be made that there is potentially no loss of revenue for that artist because the person doing the downloading might not otherwise have/be willing to spend the money to buy the album. I just don’t think some people have a good grasp of what “mortal” really means.

Doesn’t it also affect all of the people behind the scenes? Not just the talent. For a song, people who helped record the song, the people who market the songs, all of that stuff.

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