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Is it a sin to download a .pdf of an OLDER version of a textbook (the textbook .pdf was presumably pirated)? I already own the latest (5th) edition of the book, but wanted the older (3rd edition) version on my computer because it had images that I could use when making flashcards online. The .pdf I’m assuming is pirated. I do not have the 5th edition on a easy-to-access and carry .pdf and wanted it online. Should I refrain from doing this? Thanks

Yes, you should refrain from doing this.

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It is likely to be pirated, but it is not absolutely certain to have been pirated. Check with the publisher to see if that edition was released on a pdf. Given that it is 2 editions old it is possible, although not very likely, that it is legitimate. And if it is not, the publisher is now aware that pirated copies are out there and can take appropriate action at their discretion. And of course you should immediately delete any unauthorized copies you have.

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