Pirate games

Is play pirated/cracked/torrents game is a sin like thievery?:blush:

I’m not sure if you are asking about pirated games or a game where you pretend to be a pirate. If you stole the game, it’s not okay. You should buy the game you want to play. If you are pretending to be a pirate, I think in most cases that is not sinful.

It is stealing because it is taking what should be paid for without doing so, so I guess that it is violating the commandment and therefore is sinful. I don’t know what exactly has been said about it, but I’m pretty confident that it’s probably along those lines.

Personally, (I have no clue where the church falls on this) I believe that it has a lot to do with the reasons you are pirating the game. I have pirated several explicitly for the purpose of testing them to see if they are worth buying. Since very few developers put out demos now, this is about the only way to make sure I’m not wasting my money (reviews are good and all, but they are ultimately opinion, the only way to know for sure is to try it). If I do like a game, I will almost always buy it as soon as I am able. Along similar lines, I’d imagine that if you got it from a friend so you could play it together that’s not all bad, though I would suggest you purchase the game if you are able, because it is 1) more stable, 2) safer, and 3) more moral. (that said, I’ve played a few games at lan parties where I genuinely could not get the game any more, in those instances I think it’s fine because you’re no longer even capable of purchasing it).

Of course, if you are downloading them expressly to avoid paying for them, then you are definitely at fault; you’re also damaging the gaming industry and contributing to the annoying developers arms race to prevent piracy (which never works and only annoys the people who buy the game legitimately).

As for cracks, be careful with them. Some people use them as a way to get viruses on your machine. I see nothing wrong with using things like no-cd cracks because it just makes it easier to play your rightfully owned games; especially with newer games that are requiring an internet connection to play, period, like Diablo III. As soon as I can, I’ll be getting a crack to stop that little annoyance so I can always enjoy the game I paid for… or well, got as a birthday present.

As a small side note, if you are doing this because you get bored with your games and want something new to play, I would suggest you look into the myriad of free / cheap indie games out there. Minecraft has provided me with hundreds of hours of fun, and it’s only $20. No matter your preferred genre, there is someone out there who has create a free game in it. You should check out pixelprospector.com, he keeps a catalouge of free indie games that you can play, sorted by genre. ( I highly suggest spelunky, it is frustratingly difficult, but incredibly, incredibly fun)

Thanks for huge answer, tbh all of games that i played long-long time were purchased, but sometimes i try games to see what it game about (or its beta/demo) but during this test played is actually enough time to play(enjoy?) and I do not want to buy then, and even more difficult in my situation with the iPhone, in my country have only recently started to buy the application via appstore and all this time, I stole that games/applications i would play/use, and all my phone is filled with cracked games and I just get lost with this :frowning:

and what about the video and audio in the social networks? they are all somehow stolen :frowning:

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