Pirate movie - pro-pagan/anti-Christian

I must have heard the word “ritual” at least a dozen times in the first few scenes alone. “Ritual” this, and “ritual” that. I don’t know what part of the movie was “pro-Catholic,” but it must have been a different movie than the one that I had the displeasure of wasting my money on. Silliest, most preposterous hodgepodge of zombies, mermaids and voodoo dolls - what’s a pirate doing with a voodoo doll, anyway? Sure glad I didn’t see the 3-D version or else I would be really upset. “Pro-Catholic”? Ha-! That’s funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t think Pirates 4 has enough to say thematically that it could be considered pro- or anti- anything.

But nothing occult is denoted by the word “ritual.” We have all kinds of rituals in Catholicism.

Also, why not post in the existing thread on this topic?

Everyone has rituals. Getting up and brushing your teeth is a ritual. Going to work is a ritual.

And yes, the Church itself has rituals.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH ha haa haa ah ahaha!! :rotfl:

((Oh Lord have mercy I’ve been having the best time at this Mardi Gras festival…bear with me guys…:D:D))

The movie is NOT anti-catholic they make the sign of the cross all through out the movie.

The english are trying beat the spaniards so the ‘darn catholics’ don’t get to the fountain first…

the ‘catholic spaniards’ don’t fight…or even give the other guys a second look, because their focused…and on what??

on what honey??? :D:D

On destroying the ‘pagan waters’ because ??

what did they tell them at the end?? because only faith can give them what they are seeking - ETERNAL LIFE…

That movie was so deep BAH! LMBO…I’m going back to mah beer!

Loved Pirates!@!! Happy Mardi Gra Everyone!! the owrld didnt end!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you not see the end with the Spanish? Its so Catholicy that I almost stood up and cheered.

Okay, now we’re saying Pirates is awful? Moral filth and all that jazz.
Ohhhhhhh honey, the only thing sinful about the Pirates movies is how much the character of Jack Sparrow has rotted since the first one.

Really now! Talk about character decay. Bad writers, bad!

… And yet I’ll still go, just to see Johnny Depp. :rolleyes:

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