Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

Has anyone seen the movie? If so, what did you think? I would love to start a discussion but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I just saw it today. Comments, anyone?:slight_smile:

I went to the 8pm showing on thursday which was crazy.
I loved the movie. It wasn’t as funny as the last two, but it had a lot of great action in it. I really enjoyed Barbosa being back.
I forgot to stay after the credits, so i missed the extra scene.

I forgot, too! I felt the movie was too long and too complicated… I really had to wonder whether they even bothered to edit it at all. So much could have been done away with (the whole opening hanging scene… did we need to see a child being killed? why?) … there was too much gratuitous violence and even sexuality (I thought, for a Disney movie that 6 year olds watch). I was not happy with the way they chose to end it, either.:mad: I love Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom… but the whole Captain Jack thing is beginning to feel a bit forced. But perhaps if I watch it again on DVD it will begin to grow on me. I absolutely LOVED the first Pirates… I think I’ve watched it 100 times, but the second one only twice. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from going, though. I think if you have invested yourself in 1 and 2, you might as well finish it off. I’m interested in other’s thoughts about it.:rolleyes:


I’m going to see it and will buy it on DVD. I have the other two and love them.

So keep your lips sealed please:D

Don’t spoil it I’m deployed and there is no way I can see it unless somebody buy a bootleg copy of it.

If you were a fan of the first 2 Pirates, I think you’ll enjoy this one as well. It is more violent than the first two but barely any blood at all. I agree that there is some stuff that they put in that was unnecessary though. Definetely a movie for people 13 and up.

Thank you for the reviews, everyone. My kids were gonna see it today, but packing overtook our schedules. Tomorrow or Tuesday, I’m thinking of taking them…

Just seems like all that is ever out anymore are sequels.:o

Be prepared to not know what is going on for a while.

I personally thought it was a cheesy movie. There were some funny parts but they tried to put to many in there which kind of ruined the other ones. The whole movie just seemed bad. You need to see it for yourself though and everyone will see it. I watched it twice and thought it was only mediocre the first time and the second time I thought it was awful. But that is just my opinion.

I loved it. I hate to post any spoilers but I did stay for the extra scene at the end of the credits so if you want to know PM me!! :thumbsup:

It’s rated as “12A” in the UK, meaning suitable for people of 12 years old and above. Hardly aimed at 6 year olds as you so put it.

I think the first scene is crucial to the whole movie - it works well artistically and the song “Hoist the Colours” is beautiful. And it’s not as if you see the young boy being hung at all - it is merely implied.

Missed the extra scene at the end as my bottom was numb having sat for so long.

Oooh, there was a scene at the end? Shoot I didn’t know that.

I thought it was good. I really liked the first two. I’m still deciding if I like this one as much, probably not, it was a little confusing at times. But that will make it good to watch again when it comes out on dvd and see what I missed. :slight_smile:

I didn’t think it was very good, but then again, I thought that the second and third movies lost most of the energy that the first had. There were way too many plot threads for my taste; the first was just a fun movie about a drunken pirate. Did like Keith Richards’ cameo, though… how appropriate, as Johnny Depp said one time that Keith Richards was his inspiration for how to play Jack Sparrow.

I saw the ending after the credits! I had to. I worked at the movies that day and I was cleaning up.

I thought it was alright but not that good.

I like the first the most, then the second, then the third.
I don’t like the third one much.

I agree pretty much with Steven Greydanus’ review at decentfilms.com - it’s fitfully entertaining, but it lacks the charm of the first two films in the series.

You didn’t miss anything, Celia. It’s just a very brief, boring epilogue.

aren’t bootleg copies considered theft?

That was three hours of my life I’ll never get back. I agree with one movie reviewer who said it should have been called “At Wit’s End”. The kids enjoyed it, though.

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