Pistis Sophia


Recently I was reading parts of the Pistis Sophia, which had discussions such as:

And moreover Jesus had not told his disciples the regions of the great Invisible, the total expansion of all the regions of the great Invisible and of the three triple-powers and of the four-and-twenty invisibles, and all their regions and their æons and their orders, how they are extended–those which are the emanations of the great Invisible–and their ungenerated and their self-generated and their generated and their light-givers and their unpaired and their rulers and their authorities and their lords and their archangels and their angels and their decans and their servitors and all the houses of their spheres and all the orders of every one of them.


This is an early document that obviously is not canonical. My question is about these concepts of different levels of existence, or heavens: aeons, regions, and orders. These are ideas that also are in a lot of new age or theosophical concepts today.

Where did these ideas originate? Were they Greek, Egyptian, or what else? I think they are even in some Masonic or Rosicrucian groups. Clearly they are concepts that predate Christianity, but corrupted it in the early days. But where did they originate? I think Gnosticism had some of these ideas, but where did they get them? Did they come over from India at some early point in time?

Thanks for any information.

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