Pit Bulls Banned on Fort Hood

I think it’s a good idea IMO I don’t trust the breed.

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With any type of strong breed of dog, they need to be handled by people that have a firm knowledge of that particular breed.

I used to volunteer at a dog rescue kennels, and we had owners bringing in APBT’s due to various reasons; the majority of those owners had no knowledge of the breed what so ever, and had the dogs as a status symbol.

Education in these and other breeds need’s to be taught to anyone considering owning any type of dog.

A good start would be to only purchase from registered genuine breeders who will have taken the time to ensure that excellent temperment is at the top of their breeding program.

A dog is not born aggressive.

Incompetent owners should be banned, not the breed.

In the hands of a mature, knowledgeable dog owner, the Pitbull Terrier is a fine breed. Unfortunately, breeds of this nature tend to appeal to the lowest common denominator within sociey. Many people get these dogs because they look fierce and have no idea how to handle them, or care for them. Sadly, the whole breed is being punished because of the irresponsible behaviour of certain owners.

I definitely am against breeding them(there are too many dogs in shelters), but I certainly don’t think every single one should be euthanized. I think each dog(regardless of breed) has it’s own temperment. I only think agressive ones should be euthanized.

every single dog of every breed on the earth can be the bst pet or a vicious killer. all that matters is how they are raised. now personally i dont care for pit bulls i like labs, but i think laws like this should be illegal just because the goverment has no right to make them. lets return to small government.

Chihuahuas and Jack Russels too? :stuck_out_tongue: `

If the yards at Ft. Hood are anything like the yards at Ft. Carson (cyclone fencing), I agree.

Some of what you say is true. However, dogs that are poorly bred can have behavior problems that are atypical of the breed. Just having two dogs, a male and a female, and then a litter of pups, does not guarantee the temperament of the pups, regardless of how they are raised. IOW, there are certain traits that are inherent in a breed and care must be emphasized to produce dogs that have good temperament.

Pitbulls are over rated when it comes to protection. Big sheepdogs from the Asiatic steppes like the Kommondor, Caucasian Orvcharka, Akbash, etc. could kill the pitbull in one or two bite. Personally, I like sheepdogs better. They are primitive, smart, and independent. They need a lot of proper training and socialization. They will defend their family to the death.

If you’re an adult yes have a pit bull that’s your freedom. Around kids I say no.

The kid that got killed here last year the dog just turned on him. In another city in Texas last year the same thing they raised the dog from a pup the dog never showed any signs of aggression.

They kid was in the bed with the dog watching TV the dog turned and ripped out the kids throat.

I would not want that breed around my kids might as well give the kid a loaded gun. Well I take that back the gun is actually safer.

I know I’m going to hear from pit owners I’ll just let know right now; there will be no way I’ll change my opinion about pit bulls around kids.

I would agree with you about pit bull’s or any type of dog being unsupervised around children.

If families are going to bring dog’s in to a pack (that is how the dog see’s the family) or even bring a new born baby in to a family that has allready got a dog; then the dog must be shown it’s place and that is at the bottom of that family / pack.

I’ve been around countless pit bulls for years and have found them to be far more obedient and loyal than any other dog. It all really does come down to how they are raised. That said, pits do have a natural aggression towards other dogs, but not towards humans. In fact, the Humane society gives all dogs personality tests to check for any signs of aggression before they are adopted out. According to the humane society, as pit bulls are less aggressive than Golden Retrievers. The down side is that pits are strong enough and such superior fighters that if they do happen to turn aggressive, it will not turn out good. Of course pits shouldn’t be left alone with children, nor should any dog, especially larger breeds.

Oh yeah, this is off topic but to the person who said that the sheepdog would kill a pit in a fight: you are mistaken. In dog fighting every breed out there has been tested out through the years and it has always shown pits to be the dominant dogs in fighting. They aren’t the biggest or strongest, but the fact that they were bred specifically to fight gives them an edge that no other dog can handle. And though they aren’t the strongest, for their strength they have amazing agility which is what makes them the most efficient fighting dogs. I have studied dog fighting quite a bit, not because I am interested in it, I studied it to show the brutality and cruelty in dog fighting.

I agree with you. Who ever heard of a fighting poodle? I’ve had my dogs attacked by pit bulls 3 times. I don’t trust pit bulls, and if my neighbor had one, I would keep a gun handy.

People often say “it’s the owner, not the breed”. They’re wrong, it’s the breed.

For those that believe that a well behaved Pit Bull can not be trusted, then take a look at Cesar Millan’s pack from the Dog Whisperer; he has many APBT’s in his pack along with other strong breeds and toy breeds and they all get along.

It is up to the owner to stay in control of any breed and if they experience any problems then they must seek out proffessional assistance before it is to late.

I have been snarled at by many more chihuahuas then pits when in pet stoves. The only dog that ever attacked me was a chihuahua.

chihuahuas were originally breed to be rat killers and fighters so yeah with those sharp teeth one gets to your neck in your sellp it could be a killer.

What good could this possibly do? Do you really think people raising [and torturing them in unspeakable ways] for fighting are going to give a rat’s patootie what the finger wagers think, or what laws they pass?

Can you tell the difference between an American Bull Dog, an American Staffordshire, a Staffordshire Terrier, a Bull Terrier? Do you dare destroy these animals based on your own entirely subjective determination of which is which?

All of this extended family of dogs can be dangerous, but no more so than a German Shephard: the difference is that the ‘pit bull’ makes headlines when he attacks.

Properly socialized, they are great pets: Loyal, gentle, protective and trustworthy.

But if they are tortured and brutalized, they bite. Big surprise.

This sort of law causes far more suffering than it prevents-- innocent family pets destroyed while the monsterous humans keep on being monsterous.

But hey, it gives some people a happy little buzz, think ing they’ve made the world safer.

I witnessed a Chihuahua chocking a Pit Bull to death once;…

… the Chiuhauha got stuck in the Pit Bull’s throat.:smiley:

Nowhere in the article is the Commanding General of Fort Hood having pets destroyed.

If you ever been on a Military Installation if the CG says, “I don’t want this on my Post”; it’s not going to be on the Post end of conversation salute and move out.

It’s a Military Installation not a Republic it’s kind of like the Church when the Pope speaks ex cathedra.

Fort Hood is far more liberal about this than other Military Installations.

So could a particularly large cat i suppose, for that matter :stuck_out_tongue: .

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