Pitt Bomb Threats

I’m not sure how much national attention this is recieving, but for those of you that don’t know, for over a month now there have been several bomb threats on various buildings on the University of Pittsburgh campus. I believe the count is up to 57 at the moment. This is disrupting classes and obviously is bothering students. Everyone is on edge because they are worried that eventually one of them won’t be an empty threat. Another concern is that at some point this twisted person is going to show up with a gun outside of a building that was just evacuated by thousands of students becasue of a bomb threat. Today alone one threat was on a dorm building at 4 in the morning. Then later in the day this person threatened a building on campus that has hundreds of sick children in there waiting for treatment at a nearby hospital.

Please pray for everyone affected by this to have patience and trust in God. Please pray for the authories trying to catch the culprit(s). Let God help them solve the case. Also please pray for a conversion of heart for whoever is making these threats.

Thank you! God bless!

Praying :frowning:

Hail Mary…


Mother Mary, please make your intentions in this matter come true. Amen.

Thanks for praying! We need to send up more prayers though. The threat count has reached 80. Today there were 13 buildings threatened (again one was housing hundreds of sick and terminally ill kids who had to evacuate :mad:). It seems like they’re close to catching this guy. I beg you to join me in prayer so God can help end this.

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