Pittsburgh bishop announces Year of Repentance

Pittsburgh, Pa., Sep 12, 2018 / 11:01 am ([CNA/EWTN News](https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/)).- In the wake of recent sex abuse scandals, Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh has announced a Year of Repentance in the diocese.

He has asked all the clerics to fast and pray for the purification of the Church, and invited all Catholics to join the initiative.

“Faced with the sinful actions of the members of our own ranks of the clergy, who are called to manifest the example of Christ, we feel both shame and sorrow, and are reminded of our own sinfulness and the need for mercy,” Bishop Zubik wrote in a Sept. 10 letter to the clerics and seminarians of the diocese.



That would be appropriate if it were accompanied by actions to root out men whose conduct is not consistent with the clerical state.

There should be 100% psychological testing of all priests and bishops and the removal of those are not psychologically fit for the clerical state, which mostly means that homosexuals should be excused from the ministry.

Why should the Church have to wait “generations” for the culture of the Church to change?

chop, chop, let’s get going on this. We KNOW what needs to be done. We know what the right thing to do is. We need transparency and action – not statements and stalling.


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