Pittsburgh bishop denounces furor over pope


At the Holy Thursday Mass that celebrates the priesthood, Catholic Bishop David Zubik drew a standing ovation for an emotional homily describing his pain over the furor surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s past response to two sex abuse cases.


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I love our Bishop.

We should also offer up prayers, Bishop Zubick had surgery today to have kidney stones removed.

I am so proud of Bishop Zubik. He is a wonderful priest and we are blessed to call him the Bishop of Pittsburgh. He is now in the hospital with a bout with kidney stones…he actully called channel 4 news to wish all a Happy Easter and blessed Passover.

He is a leader in the true sense of the word… I stand with him in defense of Pope Benedict.

I was at that Mass to retrieve the oils. It was a beautiful homily. He is so holy and humble.

We have to pray for him, however because he is in the hospital with kidney stones at the moment.

Bishop Zubik’s extraordinary homily has finally been transcribed/published:

Bishop appeals for unity, compassion at chrism Mass


Thank you,I just emailed a copy to our Parish Priest and Deacon-in-training.:thumbsup:

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