Pittsburgh gym shooter wrote of rejection


*I couldn’t believe it when I heard this story…we were just visiting Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, and we drove through this plaza…we lived in this area for about 11 years…so scary!!!

Prayers for the families and members of the gym who lost loved ones and friends in this tragedy. :(*

it makes you feel that there is nowhere that you can feel really safe.

will they have to begin checking all gym bags now when people enter the gym? i am sure that there was nothing suspicious about him until he walked in and turned off the lights.

i heard that he made some videos that were posted online. didn’t he have family or any friends that could have seen this coming i wonder?

You know, I read a little of his blog that’s been posted online…CHILLING. From his perspective, it sounds like he had a terrible relationship with both of his parents, namely his mom. Usually men who have disdain for women, it comes from a poor relationship with his mom. It is a chilling blog…if you get a moment to read it, it’s interesting…to look into the mind of someone like this. In a way, you feel sad reading the blog…that he felt so alone, and that he had a connection with God, on top of it. It’s very bizarre, and chilling, is all I can say. :frowning:

this is or should be routine
we belong to 2 health clubs that check all bags, and while visiting Kennywood park in Pittsburgh, and a couple of museums, last month went through metal detectors and had coolers, bags etc searched by security as did all other patrons

*Hey annie! Yeah, when we went to the Carnegie Museum during our trip, our bags were checked. I didn’t have anything other than a purse, and so did one of my dh’s sisters who came with us, but still…that is what they need to do. I guess you just don’t think this is going to happen, but anything is possible nowadays. I have read a few articles…I am curious as to if he obtained these guns legally…from the sounds of the types of guns, I don’t think he did. :confused: So sad, though. I mean…you’re going to the gym to work out…and someone comes in and starts blindly shooting into the room…insane!!

I pray for this man’s soul too. It’s soooo sad, in his blog, he mentioned that his pastor told him that you can commit mass murder, and still go to heaven. I doubt it was said like that, or even said at all. The pastor commented that he did NOT say that. I feel badly that this man felt so alone in life…it’s a terrible tragedy. :frowning: I feel terrible for the innocent victims of this man’s pain. Just a sad sad week.*

he seemed like a relatively nice looking man. i wonder what he did for a living. it is too bad that he decided to take his anger, though, on these innocent people.


From his neighbor: “A neighbor, Connie Fontanesi, said Sodini was so anti-social that “we really didn’t learn anything personal about him.””

“Sodini did not have a criminal record, and he legally bought the guns he used, police said.”

He speaks about how, in a relationship with a woman 10 to 20 years younger, “she has to feel good about this thing.”

His 4,610-word Web diary appeared to be a nine-month chronology of his plans to end his misery with a shocking act of carnage at his gym. He couldn’t understand why women ignored him, despite his best efforts to look nice. He wrote that he hadn’t had a girlfriend since 1984, hadn’t slept with a woman in 19 years.

So…it appears he wanted a younger woman and lacked social skills.

You know, in the debate over China’s population control policy, there has been concern expressed over how there are not enough females for all the males and the social problems it may cause, and I’ve even heard it said that when males can’t find wives, wars erupt.

It appears we need to start paying attention to the males here at home.

Additionally, I guess this shows that when St. Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 7 about how everyone should have their own spouse to avoid immorality, there are more kinds of immorality than just sexual immorality that being single can lead to.


Isn’t that something, what you posted there. I think that a situation like this has so many tentacles, hard to say what ultimately caused this man to snap. I DEFINITELY think the blaming of his mother and dad makes a HUGE statement. If we don’t get a true sense that our parents love us, UNCONDITIONALLY…we will manifest that pain somehow. It certainly doesn’t mean that something like this will happen, but that coupled with rejection from women (which women might have rejected him because he probably was a little off putting) and the negative visions he had of himself…all played a part. I can’t help but feel sorry for this man, is that wrong of me to feel this way? Of course I feel horrible for all those who were injured and killed…and even those who weren’t…what a fright to have been there at all! But, I can’t help but feel such sorrow for someone who didn’t think to reach out to someone, anyone for help. Breaks my heart, hearing stories like this. :(*

*Thanks for posting this. You know, I thought to myself…when men have a strong disdain for women (misogyny sp?) they typically look at women as objects to be ‘had.’ Seems to me from what you post here, and what I heard on the news, he thinks that there is a magical formula to dealing with women…like if you smell nice enough, or look nice enough. Like ALL women are that shallow. That’s what I’m getting at. You know?

So sad!!! So unnecessary!!!*

It’s probably a buildup situation. Think of an elevator designed to carry only 4000 lbs. If at 3990 lbs a 120 lb man steps on, the elevator cable snaps and the elevator plunges. Any person on that elevator, had they not been on it, could have prevented it from falling had they not entered the elevator…and in today’s society, we blame the elevator for breaking but don’t look at the overloading that caused it to break.

Well, I hate to say it, but sometimes what we hear at Church contributes to the “magical formula” approach - from both sexes. When we hear “seek first the kingdom of God and then all of this will be added unto you” then we see the virgins reject fellow virgins for fornicators who don’t obey the rules, well, the virgins feel lied to and the rug pulled out from under them, especially when they end up having to put in TV dinners in the oven for Christmas dinner. Or the whole “just pray and God will take care of you” and 20 years later you’re still waiting and then people start asking “why are you waiting so long”? My fellow Catholics can be the absolute worst when it comes to cruelty and mind games in the dating world.

He seemed more interested in “looks” than in personality. Someone can be extremely physically attractive, but if their personality is “off”, then they are not as easy to get along with. Inner beauty is what is important, not the exterior shell. He did not seem to “get” that. Very sad.

*Aw, Norseman…I want to cry reading this post. :frowning: I guess I never considered that really. I think that there is a mismosh of things that transpired which caused the eventual eruption that took place with this man, at the gym. I do think it’s an extreme way of handling a broken life, killing others then taking your own. But, he sounded so very lost.

I just don’t get why he didn’t reach out for help, for counseling. At some point, he knew he was not well, it seemed. :(*

*Yes, again…It’s almost like he was a teenager…like a 15 yr old boy, looking at the world of dating. Not a man in his 40’s. The way he talked about younger women being ‘hot,’ etc…that is verbage of a teenager, maybe a man in his 20’s but beyond that, men sound silly calling women ‘hot.’ (in my humble opinion, but that’s a topic for another thread) :o

That is what I find so scary, really…but then he was quite successful it seemed, at his job. I think when we go through trauma at early ages, whether it be verbal/emotional/physical abuse, we tend to stall at that stage of development. In some ways, he was very adolescent, for a man of 48. I dunno, very sad, indeed. I know we can’t blame the parents for these things, on some level, at some point, you have to learn right from wrong…but, he commented that he blamed his parents for how he became…and thus, I indirectly put some of this on them. If you don’t love your kids, then they have a higher chance of growing up to hurt others…maybe not murder them, but hurting others is often something someone does who is hurting inside, themselves. :frowning:

A few coworkers of mine are members of this gym, from Pittsburgh!

The passage in the Bible, about “coming like a thief in the night” is so very true…we must be “ready” for death…sometimes, there are no warnings and you leave your house one day, thinking you’ll arrive back to it, safe and sound…I pray for all the souls of those who lost their lives that day–I doubt they thought that would be their last day.*

the photo posted of the shooter is different than the video clip i saw of him. he seems heavier in the photo posted here. i am not sure which is the most recent. it is too bad that he didn’t try to get some type of therapy to help him deal with the resentment and the anger he was holding before he did snap. we can hate ourselves and the mistakes we have made, but it is different when you want to make someone else suffer for the pain that you are feeling. i don’t know if any of the 3 women killed were mothers, wives or daughters, but the families of the deceased are having to deal with a senseless and violent death of a loved one. part of me feels sorry for him. he obviously was in a lot of pain, but i think he had a responsibility when he started having the crazy thoughts of killing people to realize that he needed help. i don’t understand why someone cannot stop themselves from carrying out something like this. granted, i don’t think we have the best mental health system here in our country, but why couldn’t he find some kind of help?

I agree, and how.


Yes, I agree. He seemed to know that he had a problem, but I think in his mind, he shifted the blame onto women, and society. His parents, etc. And ultimately, he wanted those people ‘to pay’ for the pain they supposedly caused. I think when we’re dealing with someone who is so depraved, isolated, and mentally ill…they just don’t think they are the ones with the problem, sadly. I dunno, that is just my guess. :o

That is such a shame, I’m sorry to you both for your experiences. I don’t want to stray too far from the topic, but what do you mean by this?*

Whatevergirl, did any of your friends or relatives belong to the gym?

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