Pittsburgh gym shooter wrote of rejection

*Yes! So scary! Some coworkers too, but thankfully they were not there that night!! *

ABC news has provided an online link to the shooter’s blog:


Warning: some foul language and mature content.

Also appears that he fathered a child out of wedlock?

*:eek: That is really bizarre…thanks for the post, Norseman. I wonder where his racism came from, that’s another interesting twist in this story. *

What is also interesting to note are his comments on religion, specifically the references to “eternal security” / “once saved always saved” (OSAS).

His actual webpage/blog is still up too.


Also here’s a video of a dating workshop he attended. The camera goes to him at 2:45 and at 6:33 he introduces himself as “George from Pittsburgh”.


*You know, I watched the youtube thing last night…he definitely seemed awkward for lack of a better word, in talking about himself. I don’t know why I feel so sorry for this man–but I think he could have been helped had he just reached out. And those women that lost their lives…it’s just so senseless.

Norseman–I read that about OSAS, his thoughts on that. It looks like he attended a non-denom church, and he indicated that he was told that by his pastor, who of course denied it. I mean, can a murderer still go to heaven? Yes, but he/she must confess, and be repentant…even if it is on his/her death bed, if there is a good act of contrition uttered, that person most certainly can be saved. Of course, we don’t know the awesome mind of God–He is merciful beyond measure. *

Don’t want to stray from the topic either. From my limited experience as a Catholic though, and for years of my life, I’ve had more of my share of cruelty, apathy, rejection and double-standards from “Catholics” who really must be Catholics in name only. However, over the past 5 years or so, from listening to Fr. Corapi, Fr. Groeshel and the Catholic media I’ve rediscovered what it truly means to be a Catholic and have received all sorts of blessings - increased gratitude for a wonderful husband, our own home, a renewed faith in God, peace of mind… a lot of what is wrong is found in each of our own hearts and how we ignore/rationalize what loving our neighbor truly means.

What this man did is clearly wrong. Yet for me, it’s a reminder to listen to people I don’t want to always take time for and to recall that I’m my brother’s keeper. We all need to treat each other as the children of God that we are. If we did this, I doubt if this sort of thing could happen.

my two cents…

has anyone in his family spoke out? yes, it is sad that he didn’t reach out, but as one poster put it with the analogy of an elevator, finally something got to him that caused him to snap. maybe he was frightened and he knew that his mental health was deteriorating, but he didn’t know what to do. i don’t know if he was a regular church goer, but he must have been able to hide his feelings pretty well. when someone isolates themselves, everything gets blown out of proportion. he probably had a very poor self image of himself that was exagerrated because he didn’t really have a social network of any kind. i haven’t watched the youtube thing on the dating - not sure if i want to. might be kind of creepy.


That would be interesting…sounded to me like he had extreme disdain for his mom, dad and brother.

Listen to this though. I was looking at replies to his blog…I think it was in a yahoo website…or cnn…somewhere where the blog was showing…and wow…the difference of opinions everyone has from us! One person said that he seemed to be narcissistic…which crossed my mind, but usually they don’t take their own lives, stats show. Others though he was just ‘a jerk’ who wanted to sleep with young women, and as they put it ‘boohoo I want to have sex.’ You know, what people fail to realize with situations like this, is that yes, we should be responsible when we’re adults…BUT, I think he stopped developing his interpersonal skills when he was a teen. If you look at how he describes his parents ignoring him, etc…it doesn’t sound like he much coaching or teaching as to how to interact, socially. Kids need to be taught or shown that. He apparently wasn’t. So, in my eyes, he was frozen if you will, at the age of maybe 16, 17…when a boy makes comments like “look at that hottie.” Gosh, my husband is 50…if he were using the term ‘hottie,’ my kids would laugh him right out of the house! So, that’s what I mean…he was not socially developed.

I sometimes wish I had become a criminal psychologist…I really think that there is always more to stories, than meets the eye.

But, what is most tragic for sure, if that three others lost their lives because of his problems. *

Forgive my typos…I’m too tired to correct them. :blush:

"No prayers for gunman at his former church
He had been removed from the congregation for harassing a woman

FOREST HILLS, Pa. - If prayers were said Sunday for the soul of the gunman who killed three women at a Pennsylvania health club, they were not by the parishioners of a church where he apparently sat quietly for many years: Tetelestai Church doesn’t pray for the dead.

“We pray for the living — the victims and the family of George Sodini,” said Chuck Matone, a senior deacon.

And Sodini? “God will hold him accountable. God has his justice.” …

Entire article here: msnbc.msn.com/id/32350576/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts

*Oh wow, that is eery. You know, when looking at the youtube videos the other day …I noticed he had NO PICTURES at all…in his entire home. None on his coffee table, or end tables…none hanging on the wall, none in his bedroom. To me, that was so sad, and very telling. If only ONE PERSON had noticed this guy, and thought to help him. Sometimes, people make us uncomfortable…but we should try to reach out to them.

So, this church doesn’t pray for the dead’s souls? I wonder why not. :confused:*

Wow. This is just so scary and sad all at the same time. :frowning: My best friend goes to a gym from time to time. He is also on the road a lot and I am constantly praying for his safety and his conversion.

They probably don’t believe in purgatory.

I think social isolation and rejection are unfortunate but they do not justify murder. Many people experience terrible things growing up but still manage to become good and decent people. While the modern scene with dating and relationships is unfortunately often corrupted by selfishness, crass materialism and superficiality, that is not an excuse in my view to go off and take your anger and frustrations out on others by hurting or killing them.

This man deserves to go to prison for the rest of his life for what he has done, though in his sentencing the judge should take into account the psychological issues that motivated the crime.

*I agree, nothing justified murdering innocent people the way he did…but, it can somehow explain his mindset. He seemed to be very self loathing, and that just kept building.

The shooter ended up then killing himself, fyi. *

*But, can’t people (and don’t people) still pray for their loved ones’ souls to be in heaven, even if they don’t believe in purgatory? *

I live about 4 miles from where the shooting occured and my wife and I frequent that shopping center. It’s scary that you could be working out and some misfit decides to shoot up the place. One of the woman killed lives in the same town as us. Praying for those poor souls.

*How scary, rocket! My family and I lived in Greentree/Bethel area…and we just visited there, and drove through that plaza. *

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