Pittsburgh gym shooter wrote of rejection

I don’t think they do. Not if they don’t believe in purgatory.

My sister-in-law was in the room. Please pray for her as she is taking it very hard in so many ways. She is trying to protect her young children from all of the news, vigils, funerals, etc. as it all would only makes her get upset again and they would see her hurting and would not understand. According to her account it was a terribly horrific experience that she will not soon get over.

My other sister-in-law (both sisters of my wife) was friends with one of the women who was killed and her daughter was friends with that woman’s son. There is a great deal of hurt, confusion, questioning, etc. in the family right now. My heart is so heavy for all of them.

Thank you for your concern for this tragedy and for the victims. Your prayers are much appreciated!

Oh my gosh, no! I want to cry reading this post. I can’t imagine the horror your SIL went through, and is probably reliving everytime she thinks about it. I am so sorry, and my prayers are with her. :frowning:

Praying for all involved.

May God bring comfort, healing and peace to the victims’ families, those who were injured, the survivors and witnesses to the horror, and all affected by this violent act directly or indirectly. May the victims rest in God’s mercy and be at peace. By now the gunman has faced judgment, so I commend him to God’s perfect justice.

"‘Once saved, always saved’ — Deacon says killer rests in heaven

George Sodini rests in heaven now because he professed a faith in Jesus years before his shooting rampage, a Tetelestai Christian Church leader said."…

Entire article here: pittsburghlive.com/x/valleynewsdispatch/s_637429.html


Yep. While I know it is not my place to judge Sodini or even guess about his fate, I will never understand the OSAS mindset. It makes no sense that many believe they can lead any kind of life at all, even one filled with sin, and still be welcomed into Heaven as long as they professed Christ as their savior at some point in life.

I live in Lebo, my wife was at the movies that night and I was hoping she wasn’t at the Destinta theater which is nearby. Fortunately she was at the Galleria movies.

Galleria is still open huh? I’m so glad she wasn’t in that area too! We actually went to Destinta to see Harry Potter when we visited Pgh, a few weeks ago! Small world. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know what you mean. The only caveat to this whole thing, is this is the SHOOTER’S understanding of OSAS…and supposedly, his Pastor said he never told him that murderers are guaranteed salvation, just because Jesus died for our sins. I think that Sodini was so marred with self loathing and depressive thoughts…that led to psychotic thoughts, that he wasn’t interpreting anything as you and I might.

They spent some money fixing up the Galleria and added Mitchell’s, Houlihans, Bravo’s and Paneras restaurants. It seems to be doing fine now.

*I lived there when Bravo’s, Houlihan’s and Mitchells came in…I never did make it to Mitchells though! :mad: I love Galleria though…and south hills village. I didn’t like Robinson all that much, started to attract a bad element there, I thought. I moved from there only 2 years ago, so it’s still so fresh in my mind. Pittsburgh is a great town! *

My wife and I left Pittsburgh for 37 years and moved back 12 years ago and LOVE IT. I tell people it’s the best kept secret around. There is so much to do entertainment wise to suit all tastes, plus we have great parks. We are so happy we moved back.

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