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Pittsburgh has an approved indult Mass. St. Boniface Church is a wonderful old building that was scheduled to be torn down when they built a North South highway years ago. Todays Mass was wonderful. We thank God that the TLM is available to us even occasionally.

It was a wonderful experience for those of us that live some distance to attend the TLM. I just keep praying that our Greensburg Bishop will let us have one closer then this.

Even if you got one in Greensburg, how you gonna top St Boniface’ Edifice and their zillion fantastic members?

St. Boniface is definitely a beautiful church! I’ve visited there several times, and their music is just wonderful! Whoever their organist is does a great job!

You know the area? You sure are right it would be hard to top. :thumbsup:

The music was wonderful and so was the singing.

I knew every inch of it…Born at Allegheny General.
Baptized at St Stephen’s Hazelwood…tough gang neighborhood even for Pgh. Beautiful Church in its day.
Fell in love 4-5 times at Kennywood Park b4 I was 15.:slight_smile:

Well now I HAVE to drive down from Erie to experience this!

From what I have heard (I still have some connections in the Dioceses of Greensburg which is my hometown diocese) the previous Bishop left some real problems that they are still trying to clean up. I have a feeling that it will be awhile before this would happen.

Is that the Pittsburgh church that is loaded with all the relics that were saved from the revolutions of Europe?

As an aside, I have a “I :heart: the Latin Mass: Pittsburgh Latin Mass Community” bumper sticker–and I don’t even live anywhere near there :smiley:

Originally Posted by Genesis315:

Is that the Pittsburgh church that is loaded with all the relics that were saved from the revolutions of Europe?

No, but there is a chapel of that type only five minutes away from St. Boniface. St. Anthony Chapel, located in Troy Hill, supposedly has more relics than anywhere else except for the Vatican. I’ve been to the chapel several times. There indeed are hundreds, even thousands, of relics.

St. Boniface is a beautiful church. I’m surprised that it was scheduled to be torn down. Actually, not really, after having seen ancient high altars removed to make room for bald spots. :rolleyes:

Wow. I’d love to make a pilgrimage there–I could probably do it in a weekend… :newidea:


The chapel has certain hours when it’s open. The Sister who watches over the place gives tours and background information. Also, there is a life-sized stations of the cross made from wood, which is also very nice to see.

I don’t get to the TLM all the time, but I relish the opportunities when I do go - usually for First Saturday.

In the early 1980s, the Pittsburgh Diocese wanted to sell St. Boniface to PennDOT (actually, Penn Don’t - Pennsylvania Department of Negligible Transportation). The St. Boniface parish fought it and fought it and PennDOT ended up moving the alignment of I-279. The church, now part of Holy Wisdom Parish, was saved. I-279 makes it easier for a lot of people to attend the TLM.

If you’re coming from Erie, it’s about 2 - 2.5 hours down I-79 and I-279. You can’t miss it.

St. Boniface Church is a treasure.

I have the same bumper sticker, and I live 60 miles away in Indiana, Pa. I display it on my car proudly! My husband and I are not members, but we attend the Latin Masses at St. Boniface when we can. Have done so quite regularly recently in fact. Recently, near home I saw a car in front of us displaying the same bumper sticker. I wanted to jump out of our car and knock on their window! The young lady driving would have thought I was nuts!! LOL!!

Wow I can’t believe I’ve been out in Pittsburgh for the past 3 years and STILL haven’t made my way up to St. Anthony’s Chapel! That’s definitely on my to-do list for the coming fall!

Riddle me this my yinzer brethren… I’ve never been to the TLM. But the Lord’s been putting it on my heart to go to one. My question is, am I gonna stick out like a soar thumb the first time I go? And, I went to the Pgh Latin Mass Community web page. What’s the deal with the “high” and “low” mass?

God Bless

In the “Low Mass” there are no hymns. There are in the “High Mass”.

Don’t worry about “fitting in” right away. Pick up a Red Missal on the way in, and don’t worry about following along precisely - I don’t. It will take a few times to get used to, but you will get the hang of it. People have reverence for the Eucharist, they go to Confession and love the Blessed Mother.

More singing in the High Mass. And the High Mass is later :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t stick out that much. Just pick up the missal on your way in and sit towards the back so you can observe what other people are doing if it makes you feel more comfortable.

I advise sitting towards the front - I know next time (god willing) I go I will sit near the front. :wink:


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