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Oh man, it sounds fun. Tell me, do they do the communion rail and all that stuff too? Can you recieve in the hands? I’m gonna try to go to one in August!

There is absolutely **NO **Communion in the hands at the TLM.

You go to the Communion Rail and kneel and wait for the priest and the acolyte to give you Holy Communion on the tounge.
The priest says “Corpus Christi” and you open your mouth and accept Communion.
You bless yourself and then return to your seat.

Then the people standing behind you will take your place at the rail and so forth.

Now that I think about it… I have received via a communion rail before with all the incense and the facing away and stuff…
That was a High Mass, wasn’t it?

It was Easter Mass at an Anglican Church in Edinburgh, Scotland.
What can I say? I was 12, and my parents said it was ok… :shrug:

I don’t know what’s ok anymore. I once went to a pipe organ recital at a college chapel. At the end it turned into a hymn and prayer service. What was I supposed to do, not sing? :confused:

But I remember pre-Vatican II, you weren’t allowed to partake of any service inside a non-Catholic church. I think wedding and funerals might have been an exception.

There is absolutely **NO **Communion in the hands at the TLM.

You go to the Communion Rail and kneel and wait for the priest and the acolyte to give you Holy Communion on the tounge.
The priest says “Corpus Christi” and you open your mouth and accept Communion.You bless yourself and then return to your seat.

Actually, being the old rite of Mass, rather than the current rite, the priest says, "Corpus Domini nostri Iesu Christi custodiat animam tuam in vitam aeternam. Amen." as he distributes communion.

Went to our home parish (NO Mass) today because we wanted to meed our new priest.

So what was the reaction in Pittsburgh? :slight_smile: Would like an update.

No, he says the whole prayer. Corpus Christi is just the latin version of the current missal “Body of Christ” and the person receiving saying “Amen.” In Pittsburgh, you don’t say anything, the priest says it all.

However, I may get slammed for this, but with the pope’s new decree about freeing the latin mass being official, the neighbouring bishop of altoona johnstown said months ago he’d punish any priest for saying the 1962 missal even if the pope allows it.
Lovely indeed.

Not sure about Greensburg, but, I believe the TLM won’t show up any time soon. Our Bishop is against it and has let us know so.:shrug: I am so glad for those that the MP will enable then to have this wonderful Mass available to them.:slight_smile:

Not only am I a member of that wonderful community, it’s also only five minutes or so from my house. :thumbsup:

Scotty, what was the reaction there? My husband and I have been driving there from Indiana Co. to attend mass, but havent’ been able to go the last few weeks. I saw the website was changed the text of the Motu Proprio linked.

I’m in the Greensburg Diocese. Our bishop knows there are several priests who are interested in saying the TLM. I hope he doesn’ try to discourage it! I wish there was a way for interested Catholics in each diocese to find each other. In my home NO parish, not a word was said about the MP. Maybe it’s too soon.

I went to Low Mass this week, which was offered by one of our assistant priests, an older, retired priest. He didn’t even mention it, which I assume is because he hadn’t read it at that point. I’m trying to find out now if our priest had anything to say at High Mass. I’m sure he did, though I bet it wasn’t much more than an acknowledgment and a word of thanksgiving. I’ll let you know once I find out.

I love St. Anthony’s Chapel! The two times Dh & I have been to Pittsburgh (in 1999 & 2003,to see Steeler games:yup: ), we visited St. Anthony’s Chapel! It is a must to see. According to the book I bought at the gift shop, there are over 4200 relics housed in over 800 reliquaries of various sizes. There are 525 authentic certificates which give the date,name & seal of a Bishop or postulator of the saint’s causes, attesting to the authenticity of the relics. Some of the documents are over two hundred years old. A couple of examples are: August 12, 1716, the bones of St. Frances of Rome , April 24, 1744, St. Phillip Neri. Also, they have beautiful life size Stations of the Cross & beautiful Stained Glass Windows. I really can’t describe how truly awesome this Chapel is, but if you have never been there & live in or near Pittsburgh or plan to visit the area, make sure of take time to see St. Anthony’s Chapel. You will be glad that you did.:slight_smile:

This is crazy - I’ve never heard of this chapel before now. I will definitely make a point of going there soon. :thumbsup:

Scotty PGH, here is a number to call for hours of operation, there is also a gift shop across the street (I bought a Holy Water Font for my home there). The number is (412) 323-9504. Please, let us know about your visit!:slight_smile:

So, I am coming for Mass on Sunday.

How do I find you crazy folks?

Here you go: pittsburghlatinmass.org/sblm/directions.htm

Are you coming to Low Mass or High Mass? I’ll be going to High Mass, as there’s a special treat in store. Fr Matthew Talarico, recently ordained by Archbishop Burke for the ICK, will be offering Mass at St. Boniface for the first time. He was raised in the PLMC.

Here’s a quote from Renew America about that:

On Saturday, April 14, 2007, St. Clare of Assisi Church in Johnstown, Pa., concluded its Divine Mercy Novena. Preceding the Mass, a dinner and question and answer session with Bishop Joseph Adamec of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown was held.

During the ‘Town Hall’-style question and answer session, one parishioner asked Adamec about recent articles in the local Catholic newspaper regarding an anticipated papal document, and whether our diocese had plans for making a Tridentine Mass available.

Adamec responded, ‘No.’

He said the Tridentine rite is only a concession to the Lefebvrites, and there is no need for it here because that situation does not exist here. Adamec said a Latin Mass could be made available [referring to the Novus Ordo with some Latin], but if the Tridentine rite is offered, it is a different rite, and you have to go back to the old forms of spirituality that went with it. He also said you have to go back to the old forms of sacraments, fasting and other aspects.

He asked why the parishioner was asking.

The parishioner said they have attended Tridentine rite Masses in the past, and that parishes offering the Tridentine rite were flourishing, with many young, large families who took documents like Humanae Vitae to heart, to which the bishop made an unintelligible remark that nonetheless seemed derogatory…

It seems he also gagged a priest from talking about the sexual abuse track record in the diocese, under pain of excommunication. (mentioned in the same article) /shrug

If all that’s true, then may God’s love soften his heart.

In last Saturday’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review there was an article about the MP.

The article quoted a gentleman from India - 40 years old - who said he remembered the Latin Mass but thinks that the re-introduction would be a “step backward” and that “there are a million other things to worry about”.

Bishop *emeritus *Anthony Bosco of the Diocese of Greensburg was quoted as well. Bishop Bosco said that “his priests pleaded with him not to have the Latin Mass” and that “there are physical and spiritual reasons” not to return to the Latin Mass.

Bishop Brandt of Greensburg has declined to make available the TLM.

Bishop Adamec of Altoona-Johnstown had a long and often nasty war of words with Christopher Ferrara, who I believe currently resides in New Jersey and attended the TLM in Pittsburgh when he was attending college there. Ferrara documented in great detail the goings on in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown in regards to priest formation and the handling of priest abuse cases.

Archbishop Wuerl, former Bishop of Pittsburgh, was not and is not like Bishop Bruskewitz or Archbishop Burke in demeanor, but he did permit the TLM in Pittsburgh under the 1988 *Ecclesia Dei *(please correct me if this is wrong) and the Diocese of Pittsburgh is better off for it.

As for Bishop Bosco, Bishop Brandt and Bishop Adamec - they should all be in our prayers.

Thanks to the *motu proprio, *the Diocese of Pittsburgh will not receive a new Bishop who can decide to suppress the TLM - because no bishop may do so now.

I went to First Saturday Mass hoping to hear Fr. Myers’ comments, but I arrived right before 9AM and I missed them!

High Mass :smiley:

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