Pittsburgh nun foils wallet theft

From Yahoo! News:

Pittsburgh nun foils wallet theft with reprimand

Thu May 27, 3:14 PM

By The Associated Press

PITTSBURGH, Pa. - A thief turned out to be no match for a little nun with a commanding voice.

Sister Lynn Rettinger didn’t even have to break out a ruler for a man who reached into an opened car window and stole a wallet Tuesday. She just needed the tone of voice she’s used for nearly 50 years in Catholic schools.

After a teacher saw the man swipe the wallet, the diminutive principal of Sacred Heart Elementary School went outside and firmly told the man: “You need to give me what you have.”

The thief turned over the wallet, apologized and walked away.

Rettinger said she merely talked to him as she would to students when she knows they have something they shouldn’t.

Police are still looking for the man.

Ah teachers. Still scary after all these years. :wink:

As we’d say in my hometown, “You go, Sister!” :thumbsup:

After being mugged years ago, my grandma’s friend adopted a different tactic. She kept her money and cards in a hidden money belt and carried a cheap decoy purse. When walking the dog, she also used the purse to carry doggie doo baggies. You guessed it: she got purse snatched. Wouldn’t you love to see that thief’s face when he opened up his loot? :smiley:

:rotfl: :thumbsup: Good for her! Take that, purse snatcher!!

This reminds me of a true story told by one of our very dear Sisters, may she rest in peace.
Sister was born in the Bronx & grew up in Brooklyn. Her friend’s dog died, and, as they had no place to bury it in Brooklyn, they got permission from the girl’s sister to come out to Long Island to bury the dog in her yard. The two girls put the dog in a suitcase & took the train to Long Island. When they got off of the train, a man walked up to them & said, “Gee, that suitcase looks VERY heavy. Let me carry it for you!” He snatched the suitcase and ran away, lickity-split. Sister, a wise and holy woman with a great wit, said, her NY accent still detectable, “Now just imagine the look on his face when he opened that suitcase!” :thumbsup:

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