Pittsburgh Paper Endorses President Trump

I thought their words were extremely spot on. It all seemed extremely fair in their praise and concern with President Trump.

Their first GOP endorsement since 1972. This is a pretty big deal. In Pennsylvania no less…


Nice to see fair and unbiased reporting.

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Not a surprise.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , also known simply as the PG , is the largest newspaper serving metropolitan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Descended from the Pittsburgh Gazette , established in 1786 as the first newspaper published west of the Allegheny Mountains, the paper has existed under its present title since 1927.

It ended daily print publication in 2018 and currently puts out print editions only three days a week, going online-only the rest of the week. In 2018, the editorial tone of the paper shifted from liberal to conservative after the editorial pages of the paper were consolidated with the The Blade of Toledo, Ohio. After the consolidation, Keith Burris, the pro-Trump editorial page editor of The Blade , directed the editorial pages of both papers.[2][3]


Their editorial board explained their choice very well, mentioning pros and cons. Unfortunately, those who oppose will basically say the choice to support the President’s re-election was only because… they’re Trump-supporters. :thinking:

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I think they are pro-life too. As a Catholic, I’m not in voting for Infanticide or whatever else like this seems next on the Democratic agenda. Of course, I’m sure if one votes that way, they have their reasons.


The message I got was that it’s easy to overlook the authoritarianism and bullying and lying because our 401(k)s are up.

That’s sad.


For those of us who are retired and our 401ks are part of our income, we are definitely interested in that.


Oh, me too. I’m on the brink of retiring. But, the market always goes up. That’s a generality, but saying you like a President because of the market is missing that fact.

Yes, I know there are bumps along the way, and when you’re retired or almost retired you don’t want any bumps. The market seems disconnected from reality sometimes.

This is from macrotrends.net

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What is sad is the excuses to vote for the intrinsic evil policies of the Democrats, abortion, euthanasia, SSM, contraception abortion pills, etc


That’s just a smear, that’s very sad. Authoritarianism? You can’t even give examples, bullying? Another smear. Maybe Trump is accused of lying but every president is.

Very sad.


Can you point to one person here at CAF who said they were voting for those policies? Or is that just a general statement?


You know better, any vote for a Democrat is a vote for these policies. The expansion of these issues is their platform. You vote them into power and therefore enable their policies


We can thank the man upstairs for the last 4 years, I pray for 4 more.

Van Jones spoke highly of Trump and what he’s done for the black community, that story was posted here.


I have not voted for any of those things. I have voted against the direction the country is going, for many reasons. I am not alone in this thinking. We have had numerous threads here about how a Catholic can vote for a particular candidate in spite of their position on abortion. We don’t need to rehash it here.

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Seriously? You think Trump’s Presidency is ordained by God?

Why not? 1234


Biden wants abortion, same sex “marriage”, transgenderism for children, and legalized discrimination against Catholics. . . . There is NO proportionate evil in the Republican platform that even comes close. . . .


As I’ve said many times, the Church teaches that I should use my well-formed conscience to decide who to vote for. While I appreciate the offer to use yours, the Church teaches I should use my own.

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I hesitate to comment much until after the election,as it is beyond infuriating the stubbornness in which those opposed to another four years of a President Trump,continue to peddle the baseless and frankly shallow reasons for doing so.
God Bless America,God Bless President Trump!:pray::pray::pray::pray::us:


What is the proportionate evil in the Republican platform that rivals the evils of the democratic platform? Answer is there is none. . . .

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