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Accidentally, I did end up at a brand new Basilica from Pius Xth society. I just came from Holy Mass and heavy rain did hinder me to drive the short way home.
I did pray my rosary and felt very strongly, I should pray like something, that these people are coming back in Union with the Catholic Church.
I just witnessed a young family with small kids in my Chruch - and to be honest, they did not know how to behave in Chruch. Whereas, here in this Basilica, much younger children have been most attentive. Also if I compare the young girl’s outfit to the one at for example University Catholic Newman Center- a difference between day and night.
We have a responsibility to raise our children, that they don’t lose their purity - don’t we?
To bad that Society Pius X, never united with Fraternity of St. Peter.


The St. Pius X Society has no basilicas. Only a pope can declare a church to be a basilica.


Fun anecdote.


In every unfortunate situation there are good things. Even though the Society of Pius X has serious issues that “separate” (however you want to view that) it from the Church, it has some good qualities.

We should all pray that it returns to Holy Mother Church.


No, they have not ‘separate’ from the Church. They are just simple Catholics doing what Catholics have always done.

What is more, now that they have been granted ordinary jurisdiction by the Pope to claim that they are ‘separate’ is totally erroneous, as one can not exercise ordinary jurisdiction unless they are actually part of the Church.

Bishop Schneider speaks on the SSPX and gives the Catholic perspective on the whole matter:


SSPX is a schismatic movement. They have not been granted anything by the Pope apart from being able to hear Confession. All other faculties of SSPX priests have been suspended.
They are not in union with the Church due to their continued disobedience to the Pope.


Again, the facts speak for themselves. Your claims are false.

Even the Vatican has confirmed that one can fulfill there Sunday obligation by attending there masses.


Cardinal Castrillón himself had affirmed clearly that the SSPX is not in Schism long ago.

What is more is you didn’t answer the point I made, namely that a person can not exercise ordinary Jurisdiction of the Church and be an actual Schismatic. The fact that they have been granted Jurisdiction by the Pope, who himself has said that he ‘regards them as Catholic’ confirms my point, namely that a person who is ‘Schismatic’ can not exercise ordinary jurisdiction in the Church (as do the priests of the Society of St. Pius X. This at is a dogmatic fact. If you can even sight one example to the contrary please do, otherwise, please stop putting forward your position which is clearly contrary to that of Catholic teaching.

For a more honest look at the matter I would recommend the following page:



Why would you compare what a small child whose parents attend SSPX chapel Masses wore to a young adult woman at a college Mass? That’s just bizarre. Also, what do you mean by an SSPX basilica? Those do not exist.


I wouldn’t recommend that page. It is openly hostile to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and the Mass in Ordinary Form.


The claim that they are not ‘obedient’ to the Pope is not true. They are loyal subjects of the Church and the Pope, in all things that conform to the faith.

I think so many have a false grasp of obedience that is the real problem. The liberals and heretics in the Church today seem to go unpunished, yet loyal Catholics who hold to the Tradition faith are attacked. That is perverse.

I think people need to get a real grasp of reality and obedience.



I agree. I took one glance at the the last suggested source…and woah!!!


As St. Thomas Aquinas would say, look not at who said something, but what is said.


I am not sure what you mean by being "hostile’ to the Magisterium, since the magisterium of the Church itself is bound to the faith of all time.


If it’s worth repeating or being part of the Church’s teaching or under its authority, it should be readily located on an official Vatican website.


See what is has to say about the Mass in Ordinary Form ( that’s what some insist calling the “Novus Ordo”).


I saw what it said. And it says “one should not attend a Novus Ordo Mass.” Clearly that goes against Magisterium teaching!
Which by the way; majority of Catholics call it by the name of “ORDINARY FORM OF MASS;” myself included.


So does everything on this forum have to be on the Vatican official website for anyone to take what is posted here seriously?


Anything that is truly keeping with legitimate Catholic Teaching is taken seriously.


An interview of Michael Voris on the SSPX might be of some help in giving the bigger picture:

Anyhow regardless of what someone might think, the point is that it is clear, that the Present Pope regards them as Catholic and so do the official of the Church, since its clergy are received by the members in the Vatican and altars are set up for them to say Mass on their regular visits and discussions.


Oh Lord have mercy!!! Not Michael Voris!! :neutral_face:

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