'Pivoting East': Will China come to Lebanon’s rescue?


‘Pivoting East’: Will China come to Lebanon’s rescue?

Gasia Ohanes

Running quickly out of options as talks over an IMF bailout stall, Lebanon’s Hezbollah-backed government says it wants to pivot to China, but analysts say that route is a mirage

Faced with an accelerating economic collapse, US political pressure and complex IMF bailout talks, Lebanon’s Hezbollah-backed government has started to tout an ‘eastern economic pivot’ to Communist China but experts warn this may be little more than a pipe dream.

It all started with a recent speech by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, the most powerful figure in Lebanese politics today.

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I’m guessing not. Though they are trying to expand the ‘belt and road’ initiative in Lebanon, I don’t think Lebanon has much of value, they don’t have oil or bulk resources that China wants.

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