Pizza Parlor To Continue Church Bulletin Discount After Threats From Atheist Group


Arkansas pizza parlor owner Steven Rose refused to back down after an atheist activist organization sent a warning letter claiming the restaurant’s church bulletin discount promotion was against the law.

It looks like the Freedom From Religion Foundation is at it again. I am so sick and tired of them trying to shove secularism on everyone.


I’m a bit sick of this nonsense as well. If you want a discount but aren’t religious, stop in a random church along the way.

These discounts make me chuckle in a nostalgic way because we used to call the bulletin “a recieipt” to prove we were at mass haha.


I’d like to see a racketeering charge put against FFRF. It’s essentially a mafia tactic they are using. Come into town, attempt to bully a business owner into ceasing his preferred marketing practices using threats and intimidation.

If there truly is nothing illegal about the marketing practice then FFRF’s tactic should be considered illegal intimidation technique. They know full well that a business owner facing a lawsuit will need to hire a pricey lawyer and will often choose to just accede to the bully’s demands rather than fighting for his rights.

Discounts are not entitlements. No discrimination exists when targeted discounts are offered.


I completely agree with you. Criminal charges would be appropriate for this. In addition, the individual who made the bomb threat ought to face domestic terrorism charges.


I agree and find this particular discount really easy to get.

If this group really wants fairness, will they sue stores that accept coupons on smart phones, but discriminate against people without them? What if I don’t want to “like” a company on Facebook to get a coupon or discount?

What about senior discount, or ladies day(or night)? Those are really hard to get for people. I had to wait 65 years to get my senior discount in some places.

Guess what? They don’t want fairness. They just want to eliminate religion from the planet.


I completely agree with you that they want to eliminate religion from the planet. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is an extremist group.


How is this any more discriminatory than dis outs offered for example by a car wash on Wed.,exclusively for women,or the senior citizen discounts offered at most establishments?
This is petty!


:thumbsup: You are so right!


The best course of action would be for the atheists to go to another restaurant. If this pizza parlor owner doesn’t appreciate their business then don’t give him any.:mad:


Agreed. I want freedom from the FFRF.



I agree! If they don’t agree with this restaurant giving discounts to people who bring in a church bulletin the take their business elsewhere. No one is forcing them to eat at this particular restaurant.

Too bad there aren’t restaurants that just cater to atheists and agnostics. Maybe then they would be happy.

I get tired of people whining about silly issues like this.
Would the person had felt differently if it were a bulletin from a synagogue or mosque that gave the diner a discount? Or is it because it is from a Christian church? These people need to get a life and stop whining.


It was comforting to see that many Atheist/Agnostics that I know in real life and those that I have seen through CAF do not support most of FFRF’s tactics. I do wonder why other atheists and agnostics aren’t more public in their condemnation of the FFRF. I’ve heard atheists bemoan how there is still a negative stigma attached to Atheism in much of the country. The reason that stigma exists is because groups like this are the first to come to mind. If this is the only face of Atheism/Agnosticism we see then that’s how many people will view and treat Atheists/Agnostics.


God bless you, Steven Rose.:signofcross:


Quoting from the news article:

In response, Advocates for Faith and Freedom responded to the FFRF and pointed to the ruling in Silverman v. Hagerstown Suns Baseball Club, when a ballpark was found not to violate anti-discrimination laws simply because it offered discounted tickets to those who brought church bulletins.

I am not familiar with the Advocates for Faith and Freedom, but they apparently are a legal aid organization such as Alliance for Defending Freedom or the Thomas More Law Center. As such, they might be expected to provide pro bono assistance to the pizza parlor. However, their past court cases have all been in California, and their attorneys all seem to be licensed there. I am not sure they would be able to directly assist in Arkansas, although they may know lawyers in the area who could.


Thanks, so there has already been a ruling on this.

In response, Advocates for Faith and Freedom responded to the FFRF and pointed to the ruling in Silverman v. Hagerstown Suns Baseball Club, when a ballpark was found not to violate anti-discrimination laws simply because it offered discounted tickets to those who brought church bulletins. - See more at:


Although that case deals with a related topic, the ruling was made by a Maryland administrative law judge.

It is a helpful precedent, but not binding on anyone outside Maryland. After the ACLU threatened an appeal, and a challenge in federal court, a settlement was reached which required the Suns to accept bulletins from civic and non-profit groups, and not simply church bulletins.


Well what do you know… But a few days ago or so, I ate at that place!

Small World I suppose


yep-no different. Time to buy some pizza from this place and let them know you support them!


Quite a few people have. Quoting the Advocates for Faith and Freedom , via

“Bailey’s Pizza has received enthusiastic support from the local community and around the country. Some people have come from other states to dine at Bailey’s Pizza and show their support. One Pennsylvania gentleman purchased 150 dollars’ worth of pizza each day for a week, for delivery to different organizations, such as the police and fire departments.”

Searcy is a small city (population 22,000) located 50 miles northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas and 100 miles west of Memphis, Tennessee. It is probably a bit out of the way for most of us reading this. :o
But I suppose the civic-minded might want to imitate the Pennsylvania gentleman and order pizzas on behalf of others. The youth group at church would probably appreciate the gesture.


This publication calls the FFRF an “atheist activist group” and that is wrong. Do they not have fact-checkers?
And their headline is unprofessionally misleading…it implies the FFRF sent the bomb threat, which they did not.

Mafia tactics? Are you serious?
How is sending an official letter to a business, stating they may be in violation of the Civil Rights Act, seen as “bullying”, “using threats” and “intimidation”?


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