Places for sick?

know someone who is ill. They would like to go to a place run by religious. You know, like when you read about so many saint long ago that opened their doors to the sick and homeless. Well, there doesn’t seem to be any place like that nowadays.
Do you or anyone know of a place?

It depends on what they’re sick with and where they live. In the U.S. there are the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne who run several care centers for the poor with incurable cancer. I think there are 5 locations, all in the U.S. It’s been awhile since I read the information, but at the time they didn’t accept government money and therefore weren’t restricted as much by Medicare and Medicaid requirements.

There aren’t a whole lot of religious-run hospitals and care centers anymore, but there are some.
Where is this person and what’s wrong with him / her? I’d be glad to help you search the internet for options.

Thank you ficklefreckle for your reply. This person lives in NY,however is willing to move anywhere,any state. He is not terminally ill,however, he has serious life threaten illnesses. Do the Dominicans only take terminally ill people?

Greetings Earthdust… love your name :slight_smile:

Your friend here in NY would if workers would allow, landlady, and responsibility for your CHF.

I WISH THERE WERE SUCH PLACES… Oh how I pray for this for you and my heart still cries out for you! I love you and may God open a door I cannot see.

I pray there is a quality life for you, dear one. My prayers remain with you, as I am even more pruned regards talk, prayer, and activities.

God spared me from what I thought was inner injury–I did not even fall on the step - the ribs hurt from shingles. HE IS SO GOOD – MAY HE SURPRISE YOU. ***
I bet you have searched…
I so wish some Catholic place for the ill existed just for you – friendly folks, good services, a retreat! I will be interceding for this.***
God bless,
your friend

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