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Does anyone know of any online websites, that have high definition pictures of holy sites? I was thinking of putting my faith in more locations around me and since I am on my computer often I was thinking of putting together I slideshow background with places important to the Christian Faith.

Here’s a few I have found to be useful. Not sure if they’re all hd, but the pictures are pretty awesome:

Plus, if you’re looking for artwork, check out this slideshow I made a while back. I found all the pictures on google images. I suggest first typing in what you’re looking for into the images search engine and then selecting “large” from the Any Size menu from the left side of the screen. That will increase your chances of finding good, clear hd photos:

Hope this helps your cause!

It certainly does. I was thinking that since I spelled Places wrong that no one would comment. Do these sites have pictures outside of europe and the middle east?

Haha, I noticed you spelled places wrong, just didn’t say anything. :slight_smile:

No, those websites only have pictures in Europe, but here are some websites with pictures of sacred places in the U.S.:

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Your welcome. Have a Happy Easter!

You as well!

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