Placing oneself in temptation

So here’s my situation. There’s this girl I really like, but she isn’t Christian nor does she share my views on chastity and we haven’t really talked about that. We like to watch stranger things together and we usually watch in a somewhat public area (we live in a college dorm) but one night my roommates not around and so I ask if she wants to watch in my room. I realize this is a bad idea because I might be tempted to do things I shouldn’t. Fortunately my friend wants to watch as well and so he comes to watch with us. This helps the situation but he says he doesn’t plan on staying the whole time and after a little bit he says hes leaving. I know that him leaving will put me in a tempting situation but part of me does want to be alone with the girl and so I essentially just say bye without trying to convince him to stay. Immediately after, as he’s on his way out, I open my mouth and convince him to stay.

I’m proud that I ultimately decided to try to take myself out of that tempting situation, but for a few seconds, when I chose to let him go, I wonder if I was putting myself in a tempting situation on purpose. Did I sin? Was that a mortal sin? What do you think?

What’s a tempting situation for one isn’t a tempting situation for another.
if it weighs on your conscience perhaps speak to your confessor, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with being alone with a person of the opposite sex. when you say you wanted to be alone, what does that mean? does that include unchaste behavior? Are you two dating or have a relationship that someone like her might want to have relations with you? etc

We’re not dating but we clearly like each other. By being alone I suppose I wanted to cuddle and hold her hand, but I knew I’d have a hard time resisting if things went beyond that

One has a grave obligation to avoid proximate occasions of mortal sin, when this can be done without serious inconvenience. That means a situation where, either based on past personal experience or the general experience of men, it is more likely than not that you would fall into mortal sin. You know yourself better than anyone here, and thus can say what is and is not a proximate occasion of sin for yourself.

As for whether you committed mortal sin then and there, it seems unlikely. If in the moment that you chose to say nothing, that honestly seemed right to you, then you did not sin.

Bad juju, my young friend. Bad juju.

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