Planned Parenthood accused of 'black genocide'


Invoking the specter of genocide and Nazi Germany, a group called Sisters for Life held a press conference on Monday to blast Planned Parenthood for offering abortions in Louisville, saying it is targeting African-American women.

“Abortion has become black genocide in this country,” said Angela Minter, president of the predominantly African-American organization that opposes abortion and offers alternative services to pregnant women.

Surrounded by members and several local pastors, Minter said the group supports a lawsuit filed by the administration of Gov. Matt Bevin against Planned Parenthood that accuses it of offering abortions without a license. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky has denied the allegations but suspended offering abortions at its new clinic downtown while it attempts to resolve the licensing dispute with the Bevin administration.


I believe the pro-choice rebuttal is that it is exactly the poor minorities who most need access to legal abortion. Rich women can secure abortions whether it’s legal or illegal.


Anyone else remember how Santorum was vilified for saying the same thing a few years ago?


Gutenberg institute keeps figures, at the least, some minorities seem to have a higher rate of abortion.


Absolutely true! Planned Parenthood was founded by an evil woman who clearly identified the purpose of abortion among black people.

Its is so typical of true racism when these organizations are not clearly exposed in a way that the knowledge reaches every rich or poor person. Pretenders of furthering care for others have often been exposed as anything BUT caring for selected others.

BLM (the infamous Black Lives Matter), Planned Parenthood; both of these are lying through and through. BLM incites racial hatred and organizes riotous, phony protests to attack police and the white man. Planned Parenthood attacks women by “referring” them to abortionists for counseling followed by butchering their babies and selling their body parts. Meanwhile they hide behind their “good” works of handing out condoms, pills, and giving money to select politicians. “Being there for women” dontcha know!


Planned Parenthood offers an inconsistent message. And black genocide is verifiable.



As it stands, 73% of black children are born out-of-wedlock and 67% to single mothers. Black women have a substantially larger number of out-of-wedlock pregnancies so it should be expected that they are also more likely to seek an abortion. I’m also not surprised that pro-life groups refer to it as “black genocide” even though the reality is that they’re seeking these abortions because they can’t seem to keep their fly zipped or at least use contraception.


This reminded me of the Spanish bishop that was cleared recently for saying pretty much the same thing (but without identifying any specific race, because that’s a moot question in Spain, as far as I know):

A Spanish court has dismissed a criminal case against the bishop of the city of Alcalá de Henares, Juan Antonio Reig Pla, who was accused by pro-abortion feminists of inciting “hatred” against them for comparing their activism to the Nazi holocaust.


In the video at the above link, Angela Minter mentions the movie Maafa 21. The link to the website for this movie is: .

The movie describes the worldview of eugenics and Social Darwinism and how African Americans were (and still are) targeted. It describes how Planned Parenthood was tied to eugenics.


I myself prefer not to call it genocide, as that isn’t technically accurate. There are more vividly accurate terms. I too almost brought up the point of out of wedlock births.


I agree 100% God help us, God Bless, Memaw


PP mission since the day it was founded was to limit the number of non-white children born in this country. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They have killed more blacks that all the white supremacists groups in history.


Some people assume that the black race came from non-humans in Africa and then groups of individuals came North and evolved further. I have read a scientific paper from a major journal where a group of black people are assumed to be less evolved than whites in order to determine the mode of evolution of biological molecules. It seems there is no other way to say it but that some whites believe they are more evolved than blacks. Would that not cause some very bad feelings among the blacks? Would the Black Lives Matters group have some reason to believe they are treated in a different manner, such as in this history of Planned Parenthood eugenics? Perhaps blacks and whites both are affected in their behaviors by this common mindset, even if it is subconscious. I am sorry if this seems radical, but I don’t believe we are getting to the bottom of racial divides which may be related to the abortion issue.

In addition, if a person believes in direct supernatural creation by God, s/he has no question of who is most evolved–no human is significantly different from any other human.


Repeating a message that one is a victim due to their family history and they are being held captive is an act of abuse. BLM (Black Lives Matter) uses this emotional weapon to enlist followers for their cause. Planned Parenthood sends the emotional weapon of pretense of caring for their victim, consoling a woman who is pregnant to rid her body of this inconveniance because its of no importance. PP pushes birth “control” advising the woman that sexual acts may be freely engaged without concerns - thereby increasing PP’s service, and production of infant baby parts.

Cruelty has not gone away. The only way to defeat these evils is to start with every person.
Boycott! Cut off the money and aid. Spread the truth!


If abortion wasn’t available as a “safety net” for when conception happens, people would change their behaviors and act more responsibly. When consequences are removed from our choices, our choices become very bad.


One part of the equation is creating a false “freedom.” And presenting the abortion issue in a distorted and nonfactual matter.



That doesn’t seem to be true given the rate of out-of-wedlock births.


Wait a tic… you refer to personal responsibility in the post quoted below, don’t you? The post you replied to (in the quote above) refers to the same matter but you argue that it does not coincide with the truth about personal responsibility as it relates to sexual behavior?

The reason many don’t care to “keep their fly zipped” is precisely because abortion and other abortifacient contrivance are available. Take that out of the equation and they have to take personal responsibility for their actions and would more likely modify their behavior.


Out of wedlock births increase when abortion is legalized. Because the woman may not want an abortion, but many times the man leaves her because she didn’t get one, and he uses the excuse of abortion to justify leaving her.


That is true in some cases.

  1. The man, after finding out the woman is pregnant, just leaves. No explanation or warning.

  2. The woman’s own family, realizing that the man is unable to provide for the child because he is unemployed or was part of a casual sexual encounter, and disappears, threatens the woman with being thrown out of the house.

  3. The man and the woman may just be living together and already have kids and decide one more would be too much, so an abortion is their answer.

The above is not all the possible reasons.


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