Planned Parenthood accused of serious abuses by Congressional panel [CNA]

Washington D.C., Jan 4, 2017 / 04:59 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Abuses and possibly criminal violations are occurring in the fetal tissue trade between abortion clinics and tissue harvesters, concluded the special House panel investigating the matter on Wednesday.

“It is my hope that our recommendations will result in some necessary changes within both the abortion and fetal tissue procurement industries,” Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), chair of the House Select Investigative Panel, said upon release of the panel’s final report.

“Our hope is that these changes will both protect women and their unborn children, as well as the integrity of scientific research,” she said.

The investigative panel released its 471-page final report Wednesday. This came weeks after Democrats on the panel released their 112-page report claiming that Planned Parenthood was not guilty of any wrongdoing and that the panel’s investigations into the fetal tissue trade were hindering positive benefits from research conducted on fetal tissue.

In the summer of 2015, the investigative group Center for Medical Progress released a series of undercover interviews conducted with high-ranking Planned Parenthood officials and current and former members of tissue procurement companies.

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We need to target not only the source, but the demand, of fetal tissues.

Is it mostly in demand for research?

In one of the Center for Medical Progress videos they were talking to the CEO of Stem Express. She said that the biggest buyer of fetal body parts is the National Institute of Health. She pointed out that Bush made embryonic stem cells illegal to experiment on using federal funds but they didn’t say anything about fetal stem cells so they are able to use federal funds for that research.

The video is my only source for this. I tried finding some verification but didn’t get very far. I believe it though.

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