Planned Parenthood Admits - "An Abortion Kills the Life of a Baby After it has Begun"

1964 Planned Parenthood Ad…

More quotes…

**CHAPTER 67 ****[FONT=Times New Roman]— PLANNED PARENTHOOD QUOTES[/FONT]**American Life League

HAH! Well I guess it shouldn’t surprise any of us that even Planned Parenthood knows the truth. Now if they would just give up on trying to hide it from people…

Given Margaret Sanger’s motives for founding Planned Parenthood, it’s chilling to look at that “ad” and see that it prominently features black children. :eek:

33 percent of all babies aborted in the U.S. are black.One out of two black babies are aborted.Sanger’s motives are being realised.Why aren’t African-Americans freaking out about this holocaust?

Three words: Hitler, Sanger, Eugenics.

What do you get when you add them all up? Planned Parenthood.

All the quotes are extremely disturbing, except the one acknowledging abortion kills a growing life, which is the truth.

This is a reason we MUST continue our fight to shut down EVERY Planned Parenthood “clinic” or abortion mill in this country and around the world.

My three search words: Hitler, Sanger, Theosophy.

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