Planned Parenthood announces closure of three Portland-area health clinics


Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette announced Tuesday the closures of three of its nine area health centers.

In a news release, the 51-year-old organization said the decision to close the centers and reduce staff “was difficult but necessary in order to maintain a fiscally solvent operation that continues to keep our doors open to patients in our region for the long-term.”

The statement was attributed to Stacy M. Cross, the organization’s president and CEO.


:clapping: 3 more down …way too many to go, but we’ll keep fighting and praying!


Thanks e to God!:thumbsup:


I suppose this is a good thing, as far as it goes. I’m sure it won’t seriously reduce access to the “services” Planned Parenthood provides, though, except for teenagers too young to drive I suppose. But it’s a good thing in itself if business is down for them.

My town used to have a Planned Parenthood clinic right on main street. When I saw one day that it had closed I was very pleased, until I saw that they had merely moved to a more discrete location. Same evils but more hidden is probably not an improvement. Hopefully this change will be more truly positive.


Yes, God does answer our prayers:thumbsup:


And I sincerely hope they stay closed.


Praise the Lord ! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


I get Facebook notifications from a certain pro-life group about such news.

It seems to happen fairly frequently…is this a recent thing or is it getting publicized more frequently?


Probably because of the ACA, poor women now can go to a doctor rather than Planned Parenthood Clinics which provided free or low-cost checkups for them.

I know a woman who used PP for her annual checkups, because she had no health insurance.

Now she goes to her doctor.



This is just the beginning, now we need Protestants to preach from the pulpit that abortion and contraception, and we Catholics gotta keep fighting .


I’m sure that helps, but I don’t think that is the main cause. PPs closing have been happening for quite some time now. From what I’ve heard, the organization as a whole is struggling.

If they are having money troubles, it explains why they have been so rabid when donors try to back out of donating to them.


Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ!


A local article noted that the teen pregnancy rate had dropped and that was a major source of customers for the Evil Empire. They are trying to insert themselves into schools to promote their “educational” programs. The idea is to get people in the habit of looking to PP for info on sexual matters and then they can move to selling ABC and abortions.

You are also correct that donors are becoming scarce. Earlier people saw PP as this nice organization that helped low income women get Paps and mammograms. In reality it’s a pill factory and abortuary. Once that became better known, many donors, particularly the individual donors declined dramatically. For that I am thankful!



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