Planned Parenthood closes Augusta clinic


Planned Parenthood South*east is no longer providing health care at the Augusta Health Center, 1289 Broad St., it announced on its Web site.

According to a news release, the operation was closed by the agency’s “commitment to fiscally responsible decisions which ensure high quality patient care.”


Thanks be to God!


Fortunately for the women of my state, there are plenty of other places in or near Augusta, Georgia where we can access safe medical care.




Thank you God!


:confused: Certainly not safe medical care for those poor helpless, defenseless unborn children…that’s for darn sure!

***Peace, Mark ***


I think they just don’t realize what is inflicted on these unborn children. For the last time…they are not just a “clump of cells” and they have just as much right to live as anyone else. Why is this just not clear? Have some of these people just look at pictures of the horrid way these unborn infants end up. I’ve seen the most horrid pictures that should be enough to make any sane person’s skin crawl. I just don’t get it. Why is this so hard to understand? It’s just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is not justice. Justice is not tearing a tiny being out of the womb, piece by piece, or burning that child alive inside the womb. It is WRONG. Why is that so hard to understand?
And if I hear it referred to as “safe” once more, I’ll scream! Why should it be “safe”? If you’re going to kill your child, why should it be? Barbaric.


Do you mean abortion or do you mean ACTUAL medical care? Abortion is NOT HEALTH CARE


They think abortion is health care because women will die if they are with child and/ or are giving birth. Nevermind that women have been mothers for thousands of years, and up until forty-three years ago they got along fine. Oh, wait, I forgot. It wasn’t “safe” and “legal” back then. Now it is. What a glorious world we live in. Murder children safely. That makes sense. Perfect, perfect sense.


Great news!


In fact, it is. God bless! LS


It is beyond sad that poor women would be directed to go to a clinic that has a vested interest in convincing them to kill their child


If abortion were truly “health care”, that unborn child would not die. In the first place, the original intention is that the child is simply unwanted and the woman wants nothing more than to do away with it. I can see right through that. I don’t buy into the lies and cover-ups. It might work on others, but I don’t, I know, and I see it for what it truly is. That unborn child has the worst torture inflicted upon her. If abortion were truly a health issue, every effort would be done to save both the life of the mother and her child. Instead, they directly attack that child, in the most horrific of ways. These are the “safe” “health care” options for that child: She either gets burnt alive inside the womb with a saline solution, then is “delivered” as a burnt, shriveled, dead baby; She gets pulled halfway out, scissors jammed into her neck, her brains suctioned out, her skull deflated, then thrown in the trash; She gets pulled out, bit by bit, and all that’s left are dismembered, bloodied pieces of flesh and bone, then gets thrown in the trash. And if this is too graphic, so be it. If someone supports such evil and truly sees nothing wrong with it, then they should know exactly what happens to these tiny victims. Trying to hide it, twist it, cove r it up, make excuses for it, is only proving their guilt. If there’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing to hide. If it is truly “health care”, they couldn’t seem to care less about what has had to happen to that child. Instead of at least gently taking the child from the womb, first of all at least TRYING to save her, and at least giving her a decent burial and the least of dignity….she gets murdered in the most vicious way, then discarded into the trash just like the “nothing” she’s been regarded as. THAT is the reality of it.


There are three Federally Qualified Health Centers in Augusta, Georgia. Found here:


Cutting a baby into pieces is MURDER.


I live near Augusta (in Edgefield County) and I have, at various times, lived in Augusta. I remember the very first time I protested Planned Parenthood there. My brother worked at a reptile store next door, and protesters from a local Methodist church came when I was filling in. I asked him, when he came back, if I could join them. There was a guy a carrying a Cross, and I joined them in protest. I was nineteen years old, and not religious. But I knew abortion was wrong. I have also been involved with the pro-life group in Aiken County, and have gone to Columbia for the SC March for lie.


Health care does not intentionally destroy a life. And abortion, by its very nature is never safe.


Thanks be to God that another clinic has closed.


I saw it on the local news site and started tearing up


Matthew 12:36 I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak,

Be VERY careful how you use God’s name. Don’t try to call down God’s blessing in the same breath you claim abortion is healthcare. It’s perverse and horrific.

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