Planned Parenthood closes Hays clinic after ruling


WICHITA — Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri announced Friday it plans to close its Hays health center to save its larger Wichita clinic in the wake of an appeals court ruling that let Kansas strip its federal family planning funding.

The organization also said it would no longer be able to provide free contraceptives and other no-cost medical services to low-income patients in Wichita without the federal money, but community donations will allow it to still offer affordable health care.

Court documents show the two nonprofit clinics were operating at a loss even before losing the $330,000 annual influx of funds from Title X, a federally financed family planning program. The Title X money targets low-income people seeking such reproductive services as birth control, pregnancy testing, cancer screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. It can’t be used for abortions.


Except from what I’ve heard from Abby Johnson on one of her Facebook posts, that Title X money is about as separated from the abortion funds as your savings and checking accounts are. It takes just a couple clicks to transfer the funds between them :shrug:


In Kansas, I don’t think that matters, since Planned Parenthood won’t be getting Title X funds. The lack of funds is the reason for the closure of the Hays clinic, as PP retools to fund the Wichita clinic via donations.


I found this Facebook post from Abby Johnson:

I have a savings account and a checking account. If for some reason, I needed extra money to cover monthly expenses, I would simply transfer money from my savings to my checking account. Why? Because, ultimately, it’s all my money in one general account. It’s fluid.

That’s EXACTLY how Planned Parenthood’s accounts are set up. They “say” that their abortion money and family planning monies are separate…but that is just simply not true. It is fluid. It is transferable…and yes, more than half of the money they receive comes from our tax dollars. So, do tax payers pay for abortion services at Planned Parenthood? You better believe it.

Is Abby Johnson referring to the Title X funds when she wrote this:

As clinic director, I saw how money received by Planned Parenthood affiliate clinics all went into one pot at the end of the day – it isn’t divvied up and directed to specific services


If they were smart, they’d spool off their abortion entity for accounting purposes. But to further Abby’s point, one could still take money from her savings account and wire it to her checking account (with another bank). Yet all the banks are related in the economic sense so there’s just more work involved. But abortion would still get the money.


I wish there was a way to force all of the other clinics out of business too.


Actually, abortionists don’t need a clinic. They just managed to make it look good for themselves.


Oh I see. I don’t really understand what you mean though. How do they not need a clinic?

That said, I don’t like calling them “clinics” because in my opinion, a clinic is a place where people are treated for health problems. Abortion clinics, in my opinion, would more properly be called slaughter houses for unborn babies. :frowning:


Women that want to kill their unborn babies will sadly find a way to kill, even if no clinics are open in their area…plus, there will always be the shady, back alley abortion clinics.


That is true but that is no excuse for letting abortion stay legal. Murders of already born persons are going to exist until Jesus comes again but that’s not an excuse to let the murder of them become legal.


I agree, but do find it find of strange our highly immoral society has not legalized all murder yet…its clear they dont care about killing babies, so why would they care so much about killing anyone else?


A myth.Prior to Roe being imposed 92% of abortions were performed by a licensed physician in a sterile environment Maternal deaths from abortion was less than 400 a year. The practical effect of Roe was not safer abortions. It was the almost immediate quadrupling of abortion s from 400,000 a year to 1.6 million a year


Administration of the RU486 pill, for example. Since we now have earlier detection and awareness of pregnancies, abortionists can pretty much operate out of their offices or homes. Closing clinics is not an end in itself.


Plus, im positive in areas where abortion is banned, ads would start to pop up on craigslist and similar sites for ‘medical services’, they have ads for prostitution and drug sales all over the place, and avid being detected by use of codes and certain language within the ad, this has been going on for decades, no reason to think this would be any different, if there is a demand for something, someone WILL make sure it is available for the right price.


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