Planned Parenthood Conducts Birth Control Clinical Trials on Underage Girls

WASHINGTON, DC, October 7, 2009 ( - American Life League has released a recent survey that reveals that at least 10 Planned Parenthood clinical trials have been conducted on underage girls as young as 13.

According to ALL’s findings, twenty-eight Planned Parenthood affiliates have been involved in 33 clinical trials - some government funded - and 10 of which involved young girls.

Two of the trials in which girls as young as 14 participated dealt with getting the girls to take birth control consistently by sending them text message reminders.

Sedlak pointed out, however, that the nature of the trials brings up questions since, “in most states, minor girls involved in sexual activity is considered sex abuse and is illegal.”

i wish i could say i was surprised.

the thing that is hard to remember is that MOST of the employees at PP, like most people everywhere, are unaware of what other people in their large organization are doing…
so do not assume all PP employees are aware of this.

i would HOPE that becoming aware of this would lead some folks to quit, but i am afraid most of the PP supporters view any information coming from a pro life spokesperson as made up

Well, if a medication or other medical intervention is used in children, you NEED clinical trials with children to see what it’s risks and benefits are.

Many, many, medications are used in children that were tested only on adults. It’s a very serious problem that is only just starting to be addressed.

And, it may just turn out that the researchers in these studies find serious side effects of birth control pills in young girls that aren’t seen in adults. That would be a good thing to know, wouldn’t it?

And many young girls, even some of those who are patients of Planned Parenthood, take birth control pills for reasons other than contraception.

I didn’t see if the article stated whether the parents of these girls gave consent to the trial. That, of course, is a different issue.

Now, I’m not a fan of Planned Parenthood, and I believe what the Church teaches about life issues and contraceptives, but I don’t have a problem with doctors studying the effects of the medications they are prescribing.

Note that there are two threads on this topic. I respond the same to both.

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