Planned Parenthood defunded in Kansas


Planned Parenthood says it received a letter from the state announcing that it will be defunded beginning May 10.

The governor’s office, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services did not immediately comment.

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Another step - another rosary! I hope everybody is storming Heaven! :crossrc:


And brownback…he’s a republican!

He’s sending the money to publlic hospitals instead.


Finally, a victory…


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How is he doing that? Not through Kancare.


Something is rotten in the state of Kansas.

The governor said in January he intended to defund PP because of the video scandal last year…but did he not check his facts to see that the accusers were wrong about illegal activities and the “selling” of fetal tissue?" Or does he not care about the facts?

Planned Parenthood uses most of its money to provide needed, preventive health care. As per the article the OP posted:
The state money comes through Medicaid, which provides health care for low-income and disabled Kansans. Some of the services it covers include annual exams, birth control, preventative care and breast exams. Medicaid does not cover abortions.

He is only hurting people by doing this. Women who want abortions can just go somewhere else but now he’s made it more difficult for low-income people in the area to get health care.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s shameful attack on Planned Parenthood

His spokesperson says he is defunding them for "noncompliance with laws, administrative regulations or with providing medical provider information; noncompliance with provider agreements; unethical or unprofessional conduct; and “other good cause.”
But we have yet to see the details of the above.

If he wants to close down a place just because they perform abortions, then he will have to close down all the hospitals in his state, too.



Statistics show that there are approximately 13,540 health care centers vs only 665 PP facilities in the U.S. PP is not really a player in the health care industry.

Where did you hear that PP was definitely not selling fetal tissue and/or organs?


The bill that defunded Planned Parenthood sends the money that would go to them to health clinics:

As of 2013 in Kansas, there were, “16 FQHCs operating in 50 service sites and serving 162,573 individuals per year” and there were two Planned Parenthood clinics in the state as of 2015:


Thank God!


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Using a rabid left-wing site as your citation isn’t going to convince anyone of your claims nor will it convince people you are serious about the issue. The claim that the videos were “wrong” or “deceptive” or “edited” are outright lies.


And congratulations to the Democrats in Kansas who were able to defund this evil organization and prove there are still pro-life Democrats out there! :thumbsup:

(yes, that was pretty heavy sarcasm)


Really sick and tired of lies - we must be rid of PP! Free speech must be used to stop the evil of abortion - good people do not have to give in to bullies that insist on taking our money to fund their evil deeds.


I don’t know if PP was selling body parts or not. I’ve heard both sides, and of course I oppose them doing it, if they are. But factcheck isn’t a tabloid. Those dedicated to taking down PP, probably won’t accept this link, or any other link, either, but it casts doubt on PP selling baby anything:

If they are, of course, I don’t approve. It’s beyond barbaric. But I’m not convinced this is anything more than a Republican talking point.


Yes, PP was and may still be selling body parts. They admitted it on tape, and they promised to stop it. It’s impossible to stop something you weren’t doing.

And I never said factcheck is a tabloid. I said it’s a rabid left-wing site. Which it is. And it is dishonest to the core.


Well, I’ve read how the tapes were “doctored,” and knowing they could have been, I keep an open mind on the subject.

I do not favor abortion or trafficking in human body parts by anyone, but I’m not convinced PP is doing it.

I don’t see a market for it:

“Except for the fact that overwhelming evidence shows there is no secret black market for baby parts. People have definitely looked: So far 10 states have launched investigations, at the behest of anti-abortion legislators and attorneys general, into Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue donation practices. None so far have found such a black market, and some, like Missouri, have definitively found no evidence whatsoever for one. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal even called for an investigation into Planned Parenthood in his state, despite the fact that no Planned Parenthood provider in Louisiana provides abortions at all.”


Not surprised you are not convinced!

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