Planned Parenthood Director Leaves, Has Change of Heart

Just wanted to pass on this good news to everyone. These are the kinda of conversions that are going to have to happen if we want to get rid of abortion.

This was also reported on and other big news sites.

This is encouraging. Thanks for posting this article.

I had the same experience. When I returned to the Church i was pro-death. One night I woke up and saw an abortion being performed on TV. I woke up the next morning pro-life.


Wow, that’s awesome!:slight_smile:

A Dallas abortion clinic has moved and expanded to do late term abortions and yesterday there were 3 saves at the clinic.

My wife who graduated from law school in May and is awaiting her bar results is a sidewalk counselor for the Catholic Pro-Life Committee in Dallas. Yesterday at this new clinic there were 3 saves. She only witnessed one. One happened before she arrived and the third save actually was not even discovered until late last night. One of the girls that changed her minds told my wife that inside the clinic another girl changed her mind due to a combination of the sadness inside the clinic and the sidewalk counselors that were offering other options.

One of the exciting things about these saves is that this is probably the hardest clinic to counsel at due to the fact the sidewalk counselors have to stand so far from the entrance to the building. This was a strategic move on the abortion clinic’s part.

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