Planned Parenthood Director Quits after Watching Abortion on Ultrasound


Some wonderful news from down here in Texas. God is good!!! :thumbsup:,2933,571215,00.html?test=latestnews


WOW–That is a GREAT story!! Thanks for sharing.


I saw that…and now PP is trying to silence her. Good for her!


She is scheduled to be on the O’Reilly Factor later in the week if you want to tune in. Not sure day/time yet, but I’ll post when I find out! :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Unfortunately it won’t go any further than Fox in the secular media, but it’s a very big deal. We need to pray for more conversions like this. Especially on this election day, let us pray that truth and life will trump money and power at the ballot box.


What a compelling story… thank you for posting!


Woo hoo! Let’s celebrate this-we don’t have alot to celebrate sometimes, as pro-lifers.


Praise to the local news station for originally getting the story out! Awesome!


Hey guys, just wanted to update that not only did the ladies on “The View” discuss this story this week, but you can also tune in to see Abby (the PP director who quit) on The O’Reilly Factor tomorrow (Friday) at 7 p.m. Central and also on “Huckabee” on Saturday at 7 p.m. Central.

Planned Parenthood has filed a restraining order of disclosure against Abby and the Coalition for Life ( The hearing is on Tuesday, so your prayers are needed! Thank you!


WOW guys, ABC News actually picked up this story!! Awesome!!!


Now if only they would post links and encourage their viewers to watch the same ultrasound.

Then BHussein might have to face a whole 'nother bees nest.



To me, that’s remarkable that ABC would even air such a story. After all, we’re talking about a major wing of the “mainstream” (i.e. secular left-wing) media.

One thing that always irks me is the typical slanted terminology of “pro-abortion rights” versus “anti-abortion” or “anti-abortion rights”. By inserting the word “rights”, it is automatically implied that pro-lifers are somehow against freedom. Rights, of course, are a good thing, so the desired conclusion must be that we pro-lifers are the antagonists because we’re trying to take people’s rights away. We need to get them to change their wording to “pro-life rights” and “anti-life rights”. :wink:

Still, I think this is a major step forward, and I can’t wait to watch O’Reilly and Huckabee to see what she has to say. It’s now safe to say that FoxNews consistently blows every other network out of the water when it comes to ratings (and that’s admitted by more and more networks), so can you imagine what the effect would be on national politics if they were to begin to talk facts about abortion and Planned Parenthood more and more often (kind of the way they effectively marginalized and impaired ACORN by bringing their corruption to the surface).

Just when I think things are looking bleak in this country for the defense of life, something like this happens to tell me that, despite all the setbacks and forces working against us, our prayers and work are making progress little by little each day.

Ten or even five years ago, this would not have been as big a deal in the media as it’s becoming now. And just in time to coincide with the debate over the pro-abortion provisions in the Pelosi House health care bill! May many more Planned Parenthood workers who are on the fence be inspired by this woman to come out and reveal first-hand what that regime really stands for! :thumbsup:

The tide is turning…maybe at the speed of a glacier…but the tide is definitely turning. We must pray and work harder than ever.


:extrahappy: These are the types of stories I love hearing about. Especially in today’s times!


sooo trippy… i just watch the interview on Fox news about 1/2hr ago. hmmm… and then found this thread. but its amazing that God works in mysterious ways!


I’m happy for her. Really.

But am I alone in this? I’ve watched her. She’s a little too chipper. If that were me, and I’d realized what I had been a part of for so many years, I’d be face down in a monastery crying my heart out and doing penance. I’d hide my face. I wouldn’t be smiling on tv.

God’s mercy is immense and unfathomable. The Truth always comes out. But I wouldn’t be grinning quite so broadly.

Maybe it’s just me.


Many people do not want to let themselves be sad and vulnerable in public. How she is feeling privately is private, so we don’t know about it. But do you think it would be better if she refused to tell people about her experience, when it could be influential?

One thing that strikes me about the article - there really is a LOT of demand for various sexual health services - simple things like pap smears. It is very sad that they feel they need to fund these services with more abortions, but perhaps this indicates a need for another source of funding for basic health services.


I watched her on Hucabee last night and as she described what she saw I almost had to turn the TV off-it was so painful to watch and so painful that this abject evil is allowed in this country.


I don’t know, I saw her on Huckabee and she seemed very repentant… She spoke of not being able to breath, dropping the ultrasound probe, crying alone in her office, saying, “I’ve got to get out of here”. News shows have short segments- I would say she filled the time appropriately with the most effective information.


I guess it’s part of a bigger picture I don’t understand. I don’t mean to attack this particular woman. God bless her for seeing the truth. And coming forward. And doing the right thing. And telling the world.

But she had a child. She saw her baby’s sonogram. We’ve ALL seen sonograms. How, in 2009, can someone claim they DON’T know what’s going on in those PP clinics? It’s like the people claiming they didn’t know what was going on in the concentration camps as the ash fell on the village.

HOW can you work there for years and manage a clinic and NOT know what you’re doing?


I totally see your point - she’s obviously converted, but there needs to be hearfelt penance. Still, I think what you might be witnessing is genuine happiness and relief that she’s free of that place and the grip Satan had on her for such a long time. Some people manifest things in different ways - maybe that’s just her personality.

That said, I hope she’s receiving some excellent guidance from a good spriritual director through all of this.

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