Planned Parenthood Director Resigns, Watched Ultrasound of Abortion

Bryan, TX – The director of a Texas-based Planned Parenthood has resigned her position saying that she has had a change of heart on abortion. The development highlights the powerful results ultrasounds have in convincing people of the humanity of the unborn child and the need to oppose abortions.

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Let’s pray for her to find a great new job and to come back to God! Yayyyy I’m so happy for her!!!

As I have often said, when people understand what abortion is really like, they will have a different view of abortion…

:byzsoc::gopray2::gopray2::gopray2: !!!

That’s Wonderful!! Hopefully, others will see things differently too like Pelosi etc.

This is great news!

Good for her! The bad news is that PP won’t have any trouble replacing her. :banghead:

I was so glad to see this on this AM, I was all excited to post it until I saw this… Thanks a lot :wink:

seriously, I can’t be happier to read this, I think now it should be SOP that all planned parenthood employee’s be made to watch abortion videos. Perhaps we should also write a new law forcing all abortion clinics set up monitors for everyone participating in the abortion procedure (mother included) to watch the procedure. Praise God for this resignation.

Video and more here…

Thanks for that, some how watching the video actually makes me happier!

Planned Parenthood also has requested a “restraining order”.

“Friday Planned Parenthood issued a restraining order against Johnson and the Coalition for Life. The paperwork was filed October 30th and says Johnson and the Coalition for Life are “restrained from disclosing to any person or entity any document, record, file or information” that Johnson obtained from Planned Parenthood.”


I LOVE THIS!!! and i just totally blasted it all over myspace…lol…

just a question though…or…idk a thought…they’re putting a restraining order on her??? To prevent a leak of … what?? I thought patient confidentiality was already covered by strict hipaa regulations??? are they trying to stop her from saying that abortions happened there?? or that she doesnt agree with them anymore??? because…i think that violates her first amendment right??

The Planned Parenthood Director will be on a couple news/radio shows on Friday…

  1. Drew Mariani Show on Relevent Radio from 3PM to 6PM on Friday. You can get Relevant Radio over the internet.

  2. The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News - I believe she will also be on this show Friday.


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