Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary Clinton


They are killing babies.


Exactly, Vatican documents show abortion is a position, Catholics can not compromise on:


You are correct and the last election, the USCCB’s asked pro-life Catholics to tone down their rhetoric.

I think we should actually see this assertion backed up.


Pretty counterproductive to come on a Catholic forum and expect not to be challenged per abortion as if someone is more knowing and snipping what Pope Francis actually said. Pretty counterproductive to be plugging for politicians who promote lives being snuffed out.




They endorsed Obama financially back in 2012. If they are “non-profit” where are they getting money to support campaigns? From baby-killing, very lucrative.


Hillary Clinton wants an end to Hyde amendment:


Poor Bill. :wink:



Thank you, Pathfinder.


How can a president use the IRS to target political opponents?
How can a president use a pen and a phone to do what the constitution says statutes must do?
How can a Secretary of State use a personal email servers for government business?

The answer is progressives play by their own rules, and expect no one to question them.



Not a news source, just gossip.



:clapping: Exactly.


? She called for this. There is video:


Besides that, she has won the Sanger award, Planned Parenthood’s highest honor. It’s dismaying really that proponents such as Hillary would be defended.


OK, that’s a credible news source.




Why do you deny the obvious?
Of course Hillary and every other pro-PP Dem would want to end the Hyde amendment.


Deny the obvious ?

I prefer the news from credible sources other than Twitter gossip and try not to make assumptions.



That’s good to know, how is that working out?


Working out well thanx! :wink:



We must be careful of gossip, such as saying something like “the USCCB’s asked pro-life Catholics to tone down their rhetoric”, nothing wrong with asking things to be confirmed and noting if it is not.

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