Planned Parenthood in Effingham closes


The telephone number for the Planned Parenthood of Illinois Effingham Health Center at 415 West Virginia has a message that it is closed, effective September 2016. The “Planned Parenthood” sign out front is gone.

A note on the back door directs those needing records or services to the Planned Parenthood of Illinois Champaign Health Center at 302 East Stoughton in Champaign.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois said that Aug. 30 was the last day it offered services in Effingham and it will be consolidating with the PPIL Champaign Health Center.


Excellent! :extrahappy: I hope the “Health” Center in Champaign is the next to go. :yup:


Praise The Lord.




Glory to God in the Highest!!!


I hope so too!


Good. One rosary bead a night can stand for one “clinic”, somewhere in the world.


Effing … WONDERFUL! :wave:


They’ve been closing all over the place, actually. It’s true that lately, though the secular, liberal media doesn’t often report this, various pro-life and pro-morality cases have won in American courts.

Thy will be done, Father.


I’ll drink to that. Doesn’t have to be Champagne either. :slight_smile:


They only report it when they can try blame it on the conservative ‘war on women’ meme. Fact is the clinics are closing in both red and blue states due to changes in PP service delivery strategy. PP makes more money by having the women come into more centralized megabortion centers.


I’m a graduate student at U of I in what is probably the most leftist department besides gender studies so this, literally, is in my backyard.

I think this small “victory” deserves a purchase of Wild Turkey 101. Don’t worry, I will neither be driving, having drunken sex, nor beating up any unsuspecting female due to my consumption of such a spirit.


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