Planned Parenthood Just Got Officially Shut Out of Guatemala

Planned Parenthood Just Got Officially Shut Out of Guatemala

“It is impossible to even have a debate about abortion here,” said one observer.
By Sandra Cuffe
November 6, 2020

GUATEMALA CITY – Guatemala said this week that it would scrap an official permission given to Planned Parenthood, the international reproductive rights organization, to operate in the anti-abortion nation, prompting the resignation of a high-ranking official.

The country’s president, vice president, political parties and Christian evangelical churches moved quickly to condemn a decree issued in early November that allowed Planned Parenthood Global, a division of the U.S. based group, to establish itself as a legally registered group in the Central American country.

The official who issued the permit - Minister of the Interior Oliverio García - promptly resigned, and the decree was repealed.


All of this news needs to get out.

It makes one scratch the ol’ noggin why anyone would vote to abort children in Third World nations.

Oh, and others are the racist ones, tell me how that works please?


If America has cause for shame in these modern times it’s that she spawned Planned Parenthood


Good. The day Planned Parenthod declares bankruptcy cannot come fast enough.


Cool. So who takes over the other services they offer besides abortion?

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I am sure they are after Guatemala because their birth rate is a bit higher that some and they can’t have that.


They talk a real good game of offering other health services, but other clinics offer real health services, too.


We are talking about abortions in foreign countries, that’s unacceptable.

Services? What if they insist on only doing those services if abortion is available. I have heard of that before.

:rofl: :rofl: Like Mammograms? They don’t …

Planned parenthood provides very few services other than abortions beyond handing out birth control and minimal other services that are easily obtained in a clinic or doctors offices - manual breast exams, pap smears … all of which they do on every patient that obtains an abortion which helps their statistics on “services” other than abortions … sheesh

Good on you Guatemala - Well done! :+1:


Yep I’m aware of that. Nonetheless you know women use their services for things besides abortion, right?

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And those services are readily available other places than the baby killing machine known as Planned Parenthood.

If Planned Parenthood’s OTHER services were so important, necessary plus otherwise unavailable and such a large aspect of their operations - they would open Planned Parenthood Clinics that provided everything but the killing of babies …BUT ALAS - they do not - because it really is all about the abortions


Not in Guatemala !

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Guatemala just got great again :smiley:


Guatemala is not going to miss Planned Parenthood.

They have a Window of Life program.


Thank you Lord.


Please be respectful on this.

How is it that one finds fault with US foreign policy but in this case, “Cool” does not appear to be appropriate.

If we don’t need foreign intervention in some countries, we sure don’t need American funding of this to the 3rd world.

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Practical experience says otherwise.
Go to an PP clinic and see if they offer mammograms.


Watch the UN or some other pro-abortion globalist group threaten Guatemala if they don’t fall in line.

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